A Morgan County jury has sided with two asbestos makers in a court case where the family of a man who died from lung cancer was seeking compensation of one and a half million dollars. The three week trial ended with the family of Robert C Scott going home with nothing after losing the case.

The two asbestos companies that were being sued were Pneumo Abex and Honeywell International. The lawsuit had been claiming that Mr Scott came into contact with asbestos during his time working as a maintenance supervisor at Passavant Area Hospital , which he did for thirty years.

Mr Scott died from lung cancer in 2004, but had been a heavy smoker, although he had given up smoking a few years before he died. There was some doubt cast, however, as to whether the cancer was caused by possible exposure to asbestos.

The asbestos makers and their legal teams argued that the lung cancer could have stemmed from the heavy cigarette smoking. Reports show that he had never been diagnosed with any asbestos related illness, and there were no signs of asbestosis in tissue samples that were tested after his death.

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