An asbestos lawsuit that is drawing to an end has accused the owner of some ships on which the late husband of the plaintiff worked of being negligent, and of wrongfully causing the death of the former worker. The lawsuit has been filed against Exxon, which owned a number of the ships on which the late husband of the plaintiff worked.

Stanley Morton was diagnosed with the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma in April of 2006, having been retired from the Newport News shipyard for many years. He has worked around ships for over three decades according to reports. He died at the age of seventy two in December of last year as a result of the cancer.

Reports have said that it is unusual for the owner of the ships rather than the company that supplied the parts to be sued in a case like this, but the lawsuit is targeting Exxon, which owned some of the vessels on which Mr Morton worked.

An attorney for the plaintiff stated: “That Exxon ship was going to be gone long before anyone got sick. … Exxon wanted the ships in and out of the yard at the cheapest price and the least amount of time. … They had a duty to care, and they didn’t care.”

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