A couple from Ohio has filed a lawsuit relating to exposure to asbestos, with thirty seven companies named as defendants as part of the lawsuit. The lawsuit has been filed by Clinus and Teresa Slone, who claim that Clinus Slone developed asbestos related lung cancer following exposure to the deadly carcinogenic.

According to the lawsuit between 1976 and 1992 Mr Slone was employed in various capacities such as labouring, painting, and welding, as part of his work. The lawsuit goes on to state that the defendant companies should have been aware of the dangers of exposure.

The complaint also states that since Mr Slone was diagnosed with the cancer he has been “disabled and disfigured, incurred medical costs, experienced great physical pain and mental anguish and has lost large sums of money because of his inability to pursue his normal course of employment.”

The lawsuit is seeking damages of at least two hundred thousand dollars. This includes damages for Mrs Slone, who, according to the lawsuit, has been “deprived of the companionship, society and services of her husband.”

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