An asbestos lawsuit has recently been filed against twenty one companies after a former worker died from an asbestos related disease, pulmonary asbestosis. The lawsuit was filed recently by the widow of the deceased worker, and was filed in Jefferson County District Court.

Amongst the companies that have been named as defendants in the lawsuit are Owens-Illinois, General Electric, ExonnMobil, and Ametek Inc. Laura White, the widow of Julian Booker, claims that the twenty one companies named in the lawsuit were responsible for the death of her late husband.

Mr Booker had worked at various industrial sites over the course of his career, between 1844 and 1984. He passed away from asbestos related health problems in September of 2006. According to reports Mr Booker worked as a painter at a variety of industrial sites.

The lawsuit stated: “Due to his employment, Julian R. Booker was exposed to asbestos products. Sadly, this exposure led to his contraction pulmonary asbestosis, which ultimately took his life in September 2006.” It goes on to state: “Each Defendant … bears responsibility in causing Mr. Booker’s injuries in the individual capacities in which they have been sued.”

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