The Trump administration has made it clear that that everything except Donald Trump is a hoax. Global Warming, a hoax started by the Chinese is a fine example. The EPA has been a favorite target of the Trump regime. Rip down the unfair regulations, let the free market rule.

Under Trump the EPA has been as effective as a eunuch in a whore house. The latest ‘inglorious’ EPA decision involves Asbestos. There are few that argue that Asbestos and a type of lung cancer Mesothelioma go hand in hand. But the Trumpers carry on. Here is the article.

In the land of Trump it seems to matter little about the ‘greater good’, it is more about stirring hatred and dissent between Whites and Blacks .

This makes me sad, the country is far bigger than this stupid bar room brawl’

There is a clear and well documented link between Asbestos and Mesothelioma, watch late night cable TV, in between the infomercials that promise to tone your body with this new Vacuum Cleaner will be an ad for some sleazy law firm specializing in Mesothelioma cases.

The asbestos industry took a beating over Mesothelioma, as I recall an $18 billion fund was set up to protect the victims and survivors. How much of this cash has made it to the victims is unknown,  but I am sure many Amani suits were bought.

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