An asbestos laden heavy goods vehicle collided recently with another heavy goods vehicle in the UK, causing long delays on the roads and raising concerns over the release of asbestos dust and fibers and the possiblity of human exposure.. The lorry was carrying asbestos at the time that it collided with the other vehicle.

After the collision one lorry went into the central reservation in the road, and the other overturned and caught fire. A driver and passenger from the overturned vehicle had to be taken to hospital with minor injuries. Upon inspection officials said that the asbestos that the vehicle had been carrying was found to be safe and secure despite the accident.

As a result of the type of material that was being transported by the HGV the Environment Agency was informed of the incident so that any necessary investigations could be carried out.

One official said: “This incident demonstrated the hugely successful partnership working arrangements that have been forged in this area. There were a number of hazardous elements that had to be considered whilst dealing with the crash and the incident was brought to a safe conclusion as quickly as possible.”

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