It has been reported that a family of five have been forced to live and sleep downstairs in their home as a result of asbestos contamination. The family from the UK discovered the problem after the council sent workers around to carry out some repairs. Chunks of asbestos material from the ceiling started landing on the floor, and the family is now unable to use the upstairs of the property.

Lenny Broster, Diane Tomlinson, and their three children, ranging in age from eighteen years to just a few months, have been effectively cut off from the upstairs of the home. The workers were then told to leave by the council due to the dangers of asbestos, but the family have had to start living and sleeping downstairs.

An official from the council said that families had been warned about the presence of asbestos, and added that the family had not made any request to be temporarily rehoused, which was normal procedure if they wanted temporary alternative accommodation.

The family is now worried about their health, as exposure to airborne asbestos dust and fibers can cause a range of serious health problems, including the deadly form of cancer, mesothelioma, that does not manifest for several decades from the time of exposure.

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