An Oregon based asbestos firm has been found guilty of further breaches of asbestos regulations according to a recent report. Able Contractors was found to have violated a number of asbestos regulations, and as a result has been fined over thirty thousand dollars.

The fines were imposed by the State of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), and the various asbestos regulation breaches are said to have taken place whilst the company was working on a project involving friable asbestos at a retirement facility in Newberg.

The variety of violations are said to have taken place before, during, and after the project was carried out, and the DEQ released a news item detailing the various violations that the company had been found guilty of, which was then placed on the DEQ website.

Among the violations that were highlighted by the DEQ was failure by the company to provide proper notification, failure to remove all asbestos containing materials prior to carrying out final air testing, and failure to provide quarterly summary reports to the DEQ.

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