There were road closures in Darwen, Lancashire , UK earlier this week following an asbestos fire at a factory in the area. The fire was started in the early hours of the morning, and roads had to be closed off just as the morning traffic was set to begin.

The former furnishings factory, located in Hannah Street , was ablaze by the time fire fighters turned up. Additional assistance was called for when it became apparent that there was also asbestos present, posing the risk of contamination.

One official said: “There are always serious safety issues around asbestos fires. The fire was located behind the asbestos sheets so it was difficult to get at without disturbing the asbestos, but once we had the correct resources in place, the fire was put out quite quickly.”

He added: “Every firefighter who entered the building had to be decontaminated after, and their kit and breathing apparatus sent to be specially cleaned. Although the roads were closed for some time, it caused very little disruption because it is a mostly industrial area, and we did not have to evacuate anybody.”

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