It has been concluded by a coroner that a pensioner from the UK died as a result of working at a garage where he was exposed to asbestos dust in the air. The pensioner, Roy Edgar, was from Dartmouth in England, and was seventy seven years of age when he died.

An inquest was carried out into his death, and the coroner found that his death was caused by pulmonary fibrosis, which was consistent with exposure to asbestos, which can cause a range of serious health problems including a form of asbestos cancer known as mesothelioma.

According to reports Mr Edgar worked as a fitter and driver, and he came into contact with asbestos whilst carrying out work at the garage. It is also claimed that when he died he was in the process of putting in a claim against his former employer.

Industrial disease of asbestosis was recorded as the cause of death for Mr Edgar, who leaves behind a widow, and the coroner stated: “He was employed where he was in contact with asbestos. The garage where he was doing fitting work was a dusty environment.”

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