A recent report claims that a British Navy hero was killed as a result of exposure to asbestos decades ago. Walter Wain served in the Navy in the Second World War, and was present at the celebrations following the defeat of the Japanese.

Wain is said to have suffered exposure to asbestos whilst working in a warehouse, which was in Bradford in England, when he was working for Empire Stores. He died at the age of eighty three in a nursing home, with his death being put down to asbestos exposure related health problems.

Before he died Mr Wain said that there would be people in the boiler room of the warehouse wearing protective masks and clearing asbestos. He stated: “Sometimes we had to wait while the dust settled until we could see each other to have a conversation. There was a snow shower of dust.”

The coroner said: “He describes how frequently he would go down to talk to the people in the boiler room and clearly, he would have been exposed to asbestos because of that.”

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