According to a recent report an asbestos driveway was partly responsible for a woman contracting the asbestos cancer, malignant mesothelioma, a disease from which she eventually died. Her son from Sydney, Australia, claims that the driveway was probably partly responsible for the death of his mother.

John Boyle claims that he remembers the driveway being laid at his home years ago in the 1950s. His father worked for James Hardie, and one journalist has recently written that the company kept secret that many driveways contained asbestos up until the 1970s.

Mr Boyle said that his mother was exposed to asbestos from his father because of his work at James Hardie, but that the driveway had also contributed to her disease. He said: “We put down an asbestos driveway and that certainly would be a contributing factor and we wouldn’t be able to deny that or go away from it.” He added: “Her mesothelioma has got something to do with that driveway that we put down at that property at Dundas.” Officials have added that it can be difficult to identify an asbestos driveway, but a giveaway sign is the glistening fibres in the driveway.

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