There has been a move forward in the UK with regards to a Bill that is aimed at restoring compensation claim rights for victims of pleural plaques, which is a condition caused by exposure to asbestos, and while not life threatening can pose serious problems and develop into something more dangerous such as malignant mesothelioma.

A private members Bill was passed through the House of Commons earlier this week, and its next step will be to go to the House of Lords. If the Bill goes through, victims of asbestos exposure who are suffering from pleural plaques will be able to claim the compensation that they feel they are entitled to but which insurance firms have claimed does not justify a payout.

A ruling made by law lords two years ago resulted in sufferers of pleural plaques losing the right to claim for compensation, but campaigners have been lobbying hard to get these rights restored, and this could prove to be a major step forward in that fight.

One MP that is backing the Bill said: “I was bitterly disappointed by the Law Lords’ decision that the lung scarring caused by asbestos isn’t worthy of compensation. I will always maintain that pleural plaques is a working injury, which deserves compensation. I look forward to supporting the Private Members’ Bill in Parliament, which in effect overturns the Law Lords’ ruling. Should the Bill fail to garner enough support among MPs, then I will be pressing the Prime Minister to take decisive action to end the needless wrangling over compensation.”

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