The Parliament building in the European city of Strasbourg has been hit with a health scare, after it was confirmed that there was asbestos present in a number of the technical facility rooms in two recently acquired buildings. This comes just a few years after the building was struck with an outbreak of Legionnaires Disease.

Asbestos is a known carcinogenic, and can result in a range of health problems through exposure to airborne dust and fibers. This includes a form of deadly cancer known as mesothelioma. One official stated: ” When parliament was in the process of acquiring the Winston Churchill and Salvador de Madariaga buildings in Strasbourg, it asked for a study on the state of the buildings, as required by French law when purchasing buildings constructed before 2001.”

He added: “Higher levels of asbestos were found than originally estimated. This concerns only the limited number of rooms housing technical facilities which were already known to contain asbestos. No new sites have been found to contain asbestos.”

He also said: “The asbestos found poses no risk to public health. Entry into the rooms in question is limited to specialised staff and the asbestos will be removed in the appropriate manner. Parliament’s position is that the costs both of the new study and for removing the asbestos must be borne by the previous owners.”

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