According to recent reports a partly demolished apartment complex in La Marque has been found to contain asbestos in a number of the remaining buildings. It was discovered a couple of months ago that a contractor had failed to get an asbestos survey carried out on the complex. Demolition of the complex, Crossing, was halted in August after threats of a fine that could amount to ten thousand dollars a day.

Following this an asbestos survey was carried out, and the new owner, GV Wealth Investment Group, was informed by officials that around half of the remaining building had asbestos present. Workers have been removing debris from other areas, but it was confirmed that no asbestos was found in these.

Asbestos exposure can lead to a variety of health problems, including cancer, lung scarring, and respiratory problems. One official stated: “When the lung sac has an asbestos fiber in it, the body tries to attack it by starving the tissues surrounding the fiber. The more scarring that occurs, the more lung capacity is decreased along with the ability to get more air. The flexibility and ability to breathe deeper is gone. It’s a slow suffocation process.”

Another official described the state of the complex, stating: “They had not been maintained for about two years and are in pretty bad shape. People were stealing copper out of there, and they were rotted. One building in the back is the worst. The second floor has already sagged to the first floor.”

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