According to the director of the Colorado State Fair one of the building at the fair contains asbestos and poses a health risk. Although the building is away from the activities at the fair according to officials, there is still asbestos present, and this is a substance that can cause a range of health problems through exposure including a form of cancer known as mesothelioma.

The building was once used by the Navy and although much of the asbestos was cleared out there is still some left. Officials state that the clean up of the building is likely to cost in excess of half a million dollars. The director of the fair is currently trying to secure funding for the clean up through discussions with lawmakers.

He stated: “Neighborhood kids are going in and out of that building. They’re taking the wire and copper pipe, disturbing the asbestos and it’s not a safe situation for the neighborhood.”

There is a chance that the building may now be demolished, and according to officials if this goes ahead the space that the building currently occupies will be used as car parking space.

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