According to a recent report the high school in Galesburg could be forced to evacuate in the future due to a possible problem with the potentially deadly substance, asbestos. Officials have said that asbestos is present in the ceiling tiles in parts of the school, and as a result of water damage they could deteriorate and fall. Asbestos is a known carcinogenic, and can cause a range of health problems through exposure, including scarring of the lungs, respiratory problems, and asbestos related cancer.

The findings and concerns were reported recently to the Galesburg School Board building committee. One industry official said that the district is being carefully watched by health inspectors because of past violations in relation to asbestos.

One official told the committee: “We have this on the long-term project list for two or three years out in the future, and we had it grossly understated in terms of cost. It is my belief that we have to move it forward, and therefore I’ve put that project into this budget.”

The committee has recommended that money be spent to get the tiles fixed and sorted out, and further discussions are expected. One official estimate that the works would cost around $1.8 million.

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