According to a recent report a family from the Minnesota area has become increasingly worried over health problems relating to exposure to asbestos, which is a known carcinogenic that was once used in many different industries including in the construction of homes and other buildings.

The concerns arose after a furnace replacement job went wrong, and asbestos dust was released into their home as a result of the incident. The family spend thousands of dollars in trying to get their property cleaned up because of the incident.

However, despite the financial investment in getting their property cleaned up to make it safe, the family is still feeling worried over the future of their health as a result of the possible exposure. Following the contamination the health department carried out an investigation.

Many of the items that the family owned had to be disposed of in case they were contaminated with asbestos dust and fibers, and this cost them even more money on top of their other expenses. The family is unsure as to whether any of these costs can be claimed back, resulting in worries about both health and finances.

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