An asbestos contaminated ship that has spent some years looking for a final resting place where it can be dismantled is to end up in Britain , where it will be dismantled by Able UK , a specialist company. The French aircraft carrier Clemenceau even made its way as far as India but dismantling of the ship was turned down by Indian authorities.

The ship is currently docked in a French port, Brest , but French authorities have confirmed that it will now be dismantled by the UK firm, based in the northeast of England . It has been docked at Brest for the past year after failing to find another final destination – until now.

When authorities tried to get the vessel dismantled in India , environmental protestors launched a campaign, claiming that they were putting the health and lives of workers in India at risk because of the asbestos on the vessel, which could cause toxic exposure during dismantling.

However, campaigners have said that the UK company has the protection in place that is necessary for workers, with one stating: “Overall we’re happy to see the ship going to the UK rather than India . As far as we know now, Able does have all its environmental permits and planning permits.”

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