According to a recent report there are fears over asbestos contamination in a building in New York after allegations that a boiler from the building was improperly removed. The matter is now being investigated by the State after claims that the boiler was removed from the Market Street building without proper measures being put into place.

When workers were removing the boiler they ended up flooding the building with levels of carbon monoxide that were deemed to be dangerous, and as a result of the problem the residents from within the building had to be evacuated.

Those inside the building were warned about the high levels of carbon monoxide, sparking fears over asbestos exposure, and fire fighters were quickly called to the scene. The levels of carbon monoxide were said to be potentially lethal.

In addition to this large amounts of asbestos were found in the basement of the building as well as nearby, and as a result of this there was also a response from the Department of Environmental Conservation and Labor Department’s bureau of asbestos control.

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