An asbestos cleanup has been ordered at the Bragaw Residence Hall by officials following the discovery of the presence of the deadly substance. Barry Olson, associate director of Housing’s facilities division, stated: “It’s standard with our renovations, especially with buildings built before the early 1970s. There is typically some level of asbestos containing materials that is safe to human beings unless disturbed. In the case of renovation, materials are disturbed.”

He added that testing was also taking place to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment and that of employees and residents, adding: “We’re going through and not only removing it but…following all of the requirements through the EPA for safe removal and disposal.”

Olson said that the work would be carried out in the summer, stating: “In this particular case we are removing mastic, or glue, underneath all of the floor tiles, the mastic holding the ceiling tiles in place and some pipe wrap. They wet it down, remove it, double bag it and then dispose of it according to regulations.”

Talking about the discovery of the asbestos one of the residents at the halls said: “I know Bragaw is really, really old so it didn’t surprise me. They might as well get rid of it while they are renovating, I don’t see any reason not to update it. It’s probably a good thing.”

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