An asbestos clean up at a landfill site in Adelaide, Australia, should be completed within a few days, which means that construction work can resume at a building site in the area. A union halted work at the building site after it was discovered that landfill on the site was contaminated with the deadly carcinogenic asbestos.

Around seventeen thousand tonnes of soil that had been brought in as landfill at the site was found to be contaminated with asbestos. Tests were carried out that showed the levels of asbestos to be within what is considered to be safe levels, but the union would not let work resume at the building site until a clean up had been arranged.

The clean up should now be completed within a matter of days, according to officials, and union officials state that work can then resume at the site. Everyone that has been involved with working on the site will be contacted as part of the process.

A union official stated: “We’re making sure through the process here that everybody that’s worked on this site, been in contact with this site, will be recommended to fill the forms out and make sure they get put on this asbestos register. So if there’s something later on down the track they know exactly where they got it. Hopefully people won’t have to use it, but it’s a record of the people that have been on site and possibly could have been exposed to it.”

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