Officials have announced that the clean up of asbestos at a village in Australia has now been completed. The confirmation came from Max Munro, the chairman of the Merriman’s Local Aboriginal Land Council, who was referring to a formerly contaminated site at a Wallaga Lake koori village.

The project has been ongoing for about a month according to officials. A detailed site management plan had to be put together by asbestos management firm Parsons Brinkerhoff, and the project was overseen by contractor Nature Coast Demolition and Asbestos.

Speaking recently Mr Munro stated: “The cleanup has focused on regularly used areas in the village such as backyards and along pathways, as well as the old tip site and an area in front of our preschool.”

He added: “This is a great result for the community and we are satisfied the job has been done well. We were pleased that local people were employed as part of the clean-up crew. They wore special protective clothing at all times. This whole issue is a community issue and Merriman’s will work with all relevant groups to keep everyone informed of what is happening.”

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