An Illinois company has found itself at the centre of a controversial ruling recently, which limits the number of asbestos related claims that are filed against the company. The Appellate Court has recently ruled that the Aurora Equipment Company will not be held responsible for the asbestos related deaths of victims that did not come to the company.

This means that those that have been affected by secondary exposure from asbestos in connection with this company will not be able to claim, as the company will not be held responsible for second hand asbestos exposure in line with the ruling.

The ruling came after a lawsuit was filed over the death of a woman who passed away from asbestos related cancer in 2004. Whilst she had never actually been to the company, both her husband and her son had worked there, and she had been exposed to asbestos on a second hand basis as a result of this.

Legal teams working on behalf of plaintiffs have said that the company should still be responsible, as it should have protected its employees from exposure, and it should have had a responsibly to ensure that there were no injuries off-site.

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