Recently many operations at a major UK hospital have had to be cancelled as a result of an asbestos scare. The cancellations have taken place at Guy’s Hospital, which is one of the largest hospitals in London. More that one third of operating theatres have had to be closed as a result of the scare.

Over the weekend four out of eleven operating theatres at the hospital had to be closed, and these usually deal with emergency admissions as well as pre-scheduled operations. There are now concerns that the asbestos scare could be one of many, because some people are concerned that hospital bosses have not done enough to carry out proper repairs.

One National Health Service campaigner said that hospital services at Guy’s would be affected significantly by the issue. He said: “This is going to have a massive impact on the hospital’s ability to provide services.”

He added: “Why wasn’t the asbestos identified and dealt with before they ended up with this crisis? This reflects what we have always known — there is a massive backlog of maintenance and important issues that have been ignored. We can’t afford to lose this kind of hospital capacity, and the fact we are losing it because of managerial incompetence and failure to do routine maintenance is awful.”

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