According to a recent report the UK’s Health and Safety Executive is launching a new asbestos campaign in order to try and raise awareness relating to the dangers of asbestos to workers. The campaign, entitled Asbestos – The Hidden Killer, is set to be launched on October 13th.

The campaign is to be launched both on radio and in print. The campaign will include information relating to case studies. It will strengthen existing HSE policies and work in relation to safety guidance for those that work with or around asbestos, which is now known to be a potentially deadly carcinogenic.

Part of the campaign is aimed at making tradesmen in certain higher risk jobs aware of the fact that there is probably a higher likelihood of them coming into contact with asbestos than they may think as part of their everyday work. It is also aimed at providing information to people about asbestos dangers and to encourage them to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves.

At present HSE figures indicate that there are four thousand deaths a year that are attributed to asbestos exposure, which officials state is higher than the number of people killed on the roads.

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