It has been claimed by an industry official that more asbestos awareness training is required amongst firms in Wales in the UK. The official has said that Welsh firms need an increased knowledge of the effects and dangers of asbestos exposure, which can cause serious health problems including a form of asbestos cancer known as mesothelioma.

The managing director of a specialist occupations health consultancy, Core Surveys, Emma Corfield recently highlighted the need for Welsh firms to have bore training and increased awareness over asbestos at work. She said that more investment was required to try and increase asbestos awareness among companies.

Ms Corfield stated: “This is a big problem and while it is not unique to Wales, there seems to be less awareness of the issues around asbestos removal and protection.” She is calling for policymakers to increase protection for workers in high risk jobs such as construction and various areas of trade.

Corfield went on to state: “It might seem like as an asbestos consultant, I have a vested interest, but the focus is shifting in terms of those facing exposure and those who have the responsibility of dealing with these materials, and the issue needs to be aired. There needs to be more invested in training and a greater awareness of the potential scale of the problems and the situations that can be faced in buildings where asbestos has been used.”

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