Asbestos at a shopping mall in south west Atlanta is being investigated by the Environmental Protection Agency, according to a recent report. The EPA was tipped off about the debris in a dumpster that was behind the Cascade Heights Shopping Centre, and further investigation indicated that there was asbestos present.

Construction is being carried out at the shopping mall, and a concerned tipster is said to have called the EPA following concerns over the asbestos debris. This prompted the investigation by the agency.

Crews have been sent out to the site to remove the asbestos waste to minimise risk of exposure to others, as this substance can cause serious illnesses including a form of deadly asbestos cancer known as mesothelioma. One official said: “The dumpster itself is not configured to handle asbestos waste. It’s just a typical sanitary waste dumpster.”

Employees working in shops and eateries in the mall were not happy about the discovery, and one pizzeria worker said: “I’m shocked – I mean that’s a health hazard. It’s very dangerous – it’s going on right next door to us and in our back yard.”

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