A school official has said that the asbestos that is present at a high school does not pose any danger of exposure. The asbestos is present at Monmouth Regional High School, and whilst the official has claimed that it is not dangerous and does not need to be removed work has been scheduled to get the asbestos removed over the summer months.
Monmouth Regional Business Administrator Maria Anne Parry and Superintendent James Cleary have both said that no danger is posed by the asbestos. Parry said: “It is wrapped around piping and is not a threat to anyone. It is completely contained. No one has gotten sick from it.”
Parry added that given the age of the building, which was constructed in the early 1960s, it was not surprising that there was asbestos in the building. She said: “Most buildings built during this time period were built with asbestos. It is normal for a building built in the ’60s to have asbestos in it.”
She said that the removal was taking place because it had been found that the ceilings had to be replaced, stating: “We looked up at the ceiling and decided it needed to be replaced. With replacing the ceiling, it is better to remove the asbestos now.”

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