The UK gambling market is the focal point of attention for most of the important online operators. Its sheer size and the unmatched tradition, make it an obvious choice for those who want to expand. Many online casinos, sports books and poker rooms have decided to open offices in United Kingdom and some even have the headquarters here. This makes them subject to the rules of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, one of the world’s strictest regulatory bodies. For local players, this is a win-win situation, since they enjoy the services of leading casinos, which are held to the highest standards of safety.

The Advertising Standards Agency Steps In

The UK GC is in charge of overseeing the online gambling industry in the United Kingdom and the organization does an excellent job. There are however other issues to address, such as the manner in which casinos, poker rooms and bookmakers advertise in the kingdom. Most of them play by the book, but intense competition has added pressure on some new sites, which are tempted to cut corners. This is where the Advertising Standards Agency steps in, trying to regulate the market and protect players.

The agency has decided that actions are needed to enforce new standards and these changes came into force on April 1. The new advertising standards aren’t exactly a surprise, since they were discussed previously. One of the main changes is the total ban on online advertisements for gambling products that could be targeted towards minors. That’s because this category of people is susceptible to gambling related harm, which is simply unacceptable for the ASA.

Protection for problem gamblers is a key priority in many countries and the United Kingdom makes no exception. The Advertising Standards Agency found out that the most vulnerable players were not sufficiently protected under the previous regulations. The new strategy should mitigate the risks, while making it more difficult for minors to gamble online. Casinos, bookmakers and poker rooms were presented with an extensive list of unacceptable types of content that are likely to appeal to children.

Gambling Operators Accept New Changes

This is not the first time that the Advertising Standards Agency rolls out new advertising standards and certainly this is not the last time. The agency diligently works towards improving the gambling environment and works closely with the important players. ASA’s guidelines were discussed with the gaming community and most gambling operators have realized their importance. Ultimately, the goal is to protect vulnerable people, without hurting the gambling industry.

Certain changes need to be made and prohibiting the use of celebrity endorsement for icons under the age of 25 is just one of them. Games that feature elements of simulated gambling are no longer supposed to be used as a way to promote real money gaming. Social gaming operators are also required to refrain from aiming their advertising campaigns at people under 18. The Advertising Standards Agency’s recent actions highlight the attention authorities pay to UK facing casinos, which is great news for local players.

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