Kit comes in and finds Sam and Carly together. Carly is surprised to see Kit since Sam had told her that Kit broke up with him. She says the judge threw her case out so she is free so she is back to claim what she left behind. Carly says great since they can really use an extra hand at Metro. Kit says she wants to freshen up and she can fill her in. When she goes upstairs Carly asks Sam if she is missing something here and then asks didn’t he tell her that Kit broke up with him. He says he has a confession to tell her. He tells Carly some crazy story and Carly just lets it go. Kit says she can stay down at Metro with Sam. Carly says they will freeze since the boiler hasn’t been fixed yet. She tells Carly they can just keep each other warm.

Parker happens to see Kit and Sam on their way back to Metro so he follows them. As soon as Sam leaves the room and Kit is alone, Parker goes in and warns her that her boyfriend has been lying to her. She tells him she knows he and his Mom have been having problems. He says that the whole time she has been gone Sam has been hitting on his Mom. He tells her to get rid of him if she knows what is good for her. He tells her to shhh when he hears Sam coming back and he leaves.

Kit doesn’t know what to say when Sam comes back in. She tells him what Parker told her. Of course he lies to her about it. He asks her who was she going to believe, him or the kid. She says how about the kid’s mother. She calls Carly to come over. When Carly arrives Kit says her boy Parker was there and told her that Sam had been putting the moves on her while she was in Idaho. She looks at Carly and says Truth or dare, what’s it going to be. Carly apologizes about Parker. She tells Kit that what Parker says is not true.

Holden and Lily call Jack out to the Farm to get his opinion. He tells them that Margo took him off the case thinking he was too close to the case to be objective. They said they want to tell him something and find out what he thinks. Lily says Holden didn’t kill Dusty. Jack says well evidence is saying different. Lily says Holden had that syringe because he took it from her hands thinking she had killed Dusty. She says but she remembers now and she didn’t kill him either. Jack says ok so who did then. Lily tells him it was Emily.

Paul goes to Emily and tells her she is his second choice of who killed Dusty. Emily is upset telling him to shut up as he rants on about how it could have all happened and why.

Luke is meeting with Lucinda. He tells her his Dad thinks his Mom killed Dusty and that’s why he is taking the wrap for murdering him. They decide that they make a good team. He tells Lucinda the one good thing about this is that his parents will be working together on this and who knows maybe it will bring them back together.

Jack calls Emily and asks her to come down to the station to answer a few questions. When Jack starts to question her she tells them they can ask her attorney everything. Her attorney walks in and introduces himself. Jack tells Emily and her lawyer that there was a witness that seen her running out of the room after Dusty was killed. They want to know who that witness is. He tells them Lily Snyder. Jack says as they are about to leave that she can’t hide the truth, it will eventually come out. As Emily leaves she tells Lily and Holden she they need to think twice before trying to throw her to the wolves again.

Lucinda and Paul go for a drink and discuss who could have killed Dusty. Lucinda figures it out that the only interest Paul really has here is to make an impression on Meg if he helps Holden. Paul tells her it doesn’t matter why he is doing it, as long as they get to the bottom of it. Emily walks in so Lucinda leaves. Paul decides to talk to her. He asks her how it went with the cops. She says Lily and Holden are trying to pin this murder on her. Paul tells her ok if she didn’t do it and if Holden didn’t do it, then maybe she should try and lean it towards someone else, like Chris. Emily finally confesses to Paul that Chris had good reason to hate Dusty. She gives him all the details about why. Paul says well now maybe they have their killer. She says she knows Chris, she doesn’t think he is capable of murder. He says well if he was pushed over the edge he could. He tells her if she loved Dusty then she would want his killer to be caught.

Holden and Lily are having dinner at Al’s when Bonnie comes storming in fussing at Holden for talking to the cops including Jack Snyder about this case without her. They explain to her about the facts that they have come up with. Lily’s phone rings and she excuses herself from the table to take the call. Bonnie tells Holden she can’t represent him if he continues doing things like this without her being there. She takes herself off the case and leaves. When Lily comes back she asks Holden what happened, he says she quit but it doesn’t matter. They have to find out more in this case.

Jan Barrett

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