Lily asks the front desk guy if Dusty is in his suite. He tells her he doesn’t think he is there. Lucinda walks up asking sarcastically what is wrong, can’t she find her boyfriend. Lily tells her this isn’t the best of times to do this. Lucinda sits down and tells her she didn’t come there to taunt her, she had to find her to tell her about what happened to Bob.

Dusty is at the hospital with Kim trying to comfort her. She is so worried about Bob and doesn’t want to leave his bedside. Lucinda comes in to see Kim and lets her know ho sorry she is to hear about Bob. Kim thinks the board should appoint Chris as interim Chief of Staff while Bob is out. Dusty and Lucinda doesn’t think that Chris is the right one for the job but Kim says this is what Bob would want.  Kim goes back to the room with Bob and Dusty tells Lucinda that Chris is not qualified for this job. He tells her that if they give him the job then he will remove his foundation and place it with another hospital. Lucinda asks Dusty if he has something definite against Chris to prevent him from getting this job. He says he has no concrete proof.

Lily sees Chris and asks about his father but he cuts her short. When he and Emily get back to their room she tries to get him to calm down. She says Lily was only trying to be nice. Chris tells her he doesn’t have time for this. He has to hurry and get back to the hospital. He is feeling guilty over what happened to Bob. She tells him this is not his fault. He tells her he is a doctor. He is supposed to know the signs of a stroke and he should have backed off from his Father instead of pushing him. Emily tells him Bob has confidence in him and wants him to have this job. She tells him he has to stay strong for his mother. She is going to need him now.

Emily talks to Susan about Chris. Susan tells her that she is worried sick about her best friend in the world, meaning Bob. She tells Emily that she should be worried about Chris now, instead of worrying about his career. Susan tells Emily that Chris could have added to Bob’s stress level causing his stroke.

Holden meets with Bonnie again about his divorce. She tries once again to make sure that this is what he wants. Holden doesn’t want to talk all business so she tells him OK then he can buy her breakfast and they can just talk. He agrees by saying deal! Later Holden runs into Lily and she tells him about Bob. He tells her he will go with her to the hospital to see him and Lily says she knows he would appreciate that. At the hospital Kim breaks down and says she can’t lose Bob, he is her life.

Chris runs into Evan Walsh and tells him that he is about to be appointed as Chief of Staff while his Dad is out and once they do he will OK their deal. Evan is all excited and says thanks. Later Lucinda comes in and announces that the board has voted Chris in to take over for Bob while Bob is sick. Chris thanks Kim for her support. She tells him the job is his but please go slow with it. Evan walks up and wants to talk to him but Chris asks him if they can talk about this later. When he walks away Kim asks him if that was about the project that Bob was dead set against. Chris lies to her telling her that Bob changed his mind just before he had his stroke. Kim doesn’t believe him.

Dusty tells them he is going to move his foundation to another hospital. Chris says that is fine, that he can always replace it with something else. Emily tells Dusty that Bob changed his mind about this project. He tells Emily she doesn’t know anything, he declares that Chris is lying to her and everyone else about that. Chris tells Dusty it might be a good idea to stop saying things he can’t prove. Dusty tells him all the silence in the world can’t prevent what went down with the conversation that went on between Chris and Bob before Bob’s stroke. When Dusty walks away Chris whispers to Emily, does she think he knows? Dusty hears him ask her this.

Lily tells Holden later that she knows how Kim feels. She tells him that’s how she feels about him. She says they have been through so much and she thinks they need to talk about their marriage. All he wants to talk about is their divorce. She says fine there are a few points about the papers she would like to talk to him about but he suggests that they only talk through their lawyers from now on and he walks off.

Lily goes off to find Bonnie and asks her to see if she can get Holden to talk to her. Bonnie tells her that she is sorry but she can’t do that. She asks if she has any questions about the settlement agreement for the divorce before she signs it. Lily says no because she isn’t signing it. Bonnie says that Holden has bent over backwards to be fair in this but Lily doesn’t want to hear it and walks out. When she leaves Holden comes in with a basketball and tells Bonnie he is ready for their game. He doesn’t know Lily is watching them. Lily walks up and tells him she is happy to see him in a better mood now. She then turns to Bonnie and tells her she agrees with what she said and then says they will be hearing from her attorney soon.

Jan Barrett

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