Katie wakes up in bed with Brad’s arms around her. She slides out from under his arms and sits on the floor. She tells herself that she can’t believe she did this. Before she can slip out Brad wakes up and stops her. Katie begs him to please, please, please forget this happened. He tells her she seemed to be enjoying herself last night asking to please not stop. She apologizes telling him she is sorry, she can’t do this and then she runs into the bathroom.

Carly tells Jack she would like to talk about the kiss they shared last night. Jack is uncomfortable talking about it but she keeps at him. He asks her just what is it that she wants him to say. She looks at him and says how about telling her that that kiss meant as much to him as it did to her but apparently that would be a lie since it didn’t and she walks away.

Katie goes out for a run in the park and Brad chases after her. She tells him to leave her alone and she grabs a kids bicycle and rides off on it. Brad grabs another bicycle and rides off after her. The owners see them steal the bikes and they call the police. Brad keeps after Katie making her laugh til he accidentally runs into a lake. Katie jumps off her bike and goes in to help him. Brad starts yelling saying he can’t swim and goes under. Katie jumps in to save him just as he comes back up saying he knew she cared about him.

Brad falls to his knees and tells her he has fallen for her and then he asks her to marry him. Before she can answer the cops come and arrest them both for stealing the bikes. Margo tells Brad that once they pay for the broken and stolen bikes they will be free to go. Once Brad pays their fines they are free. Katie asks Margo where Jack went. Margo says he left with Carly. Brad and Katie go back to the park to get their cars. Katie tells Brad the answer to his question is that she will think about it. Then she gets in her car and leaves. Brad says “Yes”.

Paul goes out to the farm and hands Emma the proposal for the sale of the farm. He tells her she can have her attorney look over the papers. Emma says she appreciates all the trouble he went through but she can’t sell him the farm. She tells him another company out bidded Worldwide. Meg knows this has nothing to do with Emma’s reasons for not selling. She says it is because of her. Paul tells Emma that he has promised Meg to keep this strictly business, but Emma has her doubts. He calls Emily and tells her that he wants her to find out more information on the company trying to buy the farm.

Carly asks Jack if he is ok with Katie getting on with her life. He says all he wants is for Katie to be happy. He asks Carly to stop by the Lakeview so he can talk to Lisa about a new security system. Carly thinks Jack is avoiding going home with her afraid of what will happen if he does.

Alison and Chris talk about her work at the hospital. He thinks she should go back to school for medicine. He says he thinks she would be good at it. Emily sees Alison talking to Chris and walks up to them asking if they have seen Susan. She warns her about Chris when he walks away. Alison tells Emily she use to be engaged to Chris so she can talk to him anytime she wants to and storms away.

Later Emily spots Chris with Alison again flirting. She warns Chris to stay away from her sister. Susan later tells Alison that Chris is no good for her. This makes Alison mad so being angry at her family she asks Chris to take her to a going away party for Will and Gwen. Chris says that isn’t a good idea. He says they have never forgiven him for siding with Sofie in the custody case. Alison thinks that’s a good reason to go so he can try and make it up to them before they leave town.

Jan Barrett

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