Gwen and Will are decorating the tree, and he tells her it is ok, that they didn’t jinx anything by hanging the ornament. Barbara comes in and tells them that she talked to her lawyer and he said he talked to the birth mother and she has agreed to sign the adoption papers.

Alison pretends to be pregnant and she meets with Barbara’s attorney. She tells him she wants to give her baby up for adoption. It is a plan she and Aaron have worked out to try and find out about what is going on with this adoption for Sofie’s baby. Alison tells the attorney that she would like to see a couple adopt the baby that is about the same age as they are. As he pulls out some papers, Alison notices the knit cap that she saw Sofie had in his brief case.

Carly receives a case of beer delivered to her door with a note saying all is forgiven. She assumes that since this is Jack’s favorite beer that the note came from him and now he is forgiving her. Kit comes out and asks where the beer came from and Carly shows her the note and says they came from Jack. Kit looks further and says she is sorry but the beer isn’t for Carly, it is for her. An old boyfriend of Kit’s sent the beer. He knocks at the door and is all excited to see Kit. Carly tells her she has got to get rid of this guy. She tells her that Sam can not stay there. Kit tells her she has to be the one to tell him so Carly leaves to give Kit time alone with him to get rid of him.

Jack tells Margo at the station that he is not going to give up on Katie. He admits it is going to be a rough ride since Katie has told him she has no plans of ever seeing him again. He says he still loves her and thinks they belong together. He wants to send Katie flowers but Margo tells him no, don’t do it. She says if she does that will only make Katie madder.

Katie and Brad are arguing over the fact of him bringing her a single rose. While she is explaining it to him a delivery man comes in with a bouquet of flowers and she assumes they are from Brad. She starts yelling at him when he tells her he didn’t send them. She thinks then that it must be from Jack. She marches down to the police station to see Jack and he tells her he was going to send her flowers but Margo advised him not to so he didn’t. She tells him she just can’t do this, she won’t allow herself to get hurt like this ever again. She leaves then. Margo comes out and tells Jack she told him so. Jack says he didn’t send them but he is going to find out who did. He goes off looking for Parker.

When he finds Parker he asks him about the flowers. He tells him they only made Katie more furious with him. Jack asks him if he is doing all this matchmaking because he wants him and Katie back together or is it to punish his Mom. He makes Parker promise no more matchmaking.. After Parker leaves, Jack runs into Carly and they talk about Kit being at Carly’s house and they end up fighting and Jack walks away.

Brad shows back up at the hotel and calls Katie. She tells him she will be going to her room and she can talk to him there. When he gets there he tells her he bought her a house. It is the same house that she and Jack were going to buy.

At the bus station Cole is ready to leave town. She tells him she can’t go right now and naturally Cole has a fit. She tells him she can’t go because she is cramping and then suddenly she starts again with the cramps. It looks like Sofie is in labor so Cole takes her to the hospital and then he calls Barbara and tells her they have a problem. Sofie is having false labor pains and the doctor tells Cole she can’t travel in her condition. Cole goes in and tells Sofie the news. He lets her know that the baby is a little girl and Sofie starts talking to her only making him mad again. He walks out mumbling about this messing up all his plans for his new job.

Jan Barrett

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