Barbara meets Will and Gwen and gives them an early Christmas present. She tells them that it is an ornament for the baby. Gwen is skeptical about it afraid to get too excited about a baby. Gwen walks away and runs into Alison and tells her about the gift. Alison is surprised when she tells her that they are adopting a baby.

At the diner Aaron is talking to Sofie and he notices a knit cap for a baby. She tells him it is for the baby. He asks her does she think that Cole will change his mind about putting the baby up for adoption before it is too late. Just then Cole walks up and asks Aaron when he is going to stop sticking his nose into their business. He tells Sofie that they can’t have any contact with this baby and she has to get rid of the knit cap. 

The attorney that is supposedly handling this so called adoption walks in at the diner with papers for Sofie concerning the adoption. She says all she needs to do is sign them. Sofie refuses to sign them and Cole throws a fit. The attorney stops Cole telling him it is ok, that it isn’t legal to sign until after the baby is born but he just wanted her to have the papers now. Sofie asks the attorney is he will take the knit cap she made for the baby and give it to him but he says that’s not a good idea.     

Alison goes to Barbara and tells her she wants to talk to her about the baby Will and Gwen are going to adopt. She tells her there is something not right about this adoption. She tells her that she is afraid that the baby just so happens to be the one that Gwen’s brother’s girlfriend, Sofie, is carrying. Barbara assures her that she has hired an attorney herself to handle this and she doesn’t think it has anything to do with Gwen’s brother. Barbara promises Alison she will call her lawyer and make sure none of this is true only to make Alison happy but she asks Alison to please keep this to themselves. Alison calls Aaron and tells him about Gwen and Will planning to adopt a baby. They put two and two together and think that maybe it is Sofie’s baby and they don’t know it. She tells him that she told Barbara about her suspicions and that she promised to check into it for her.

Later in the Limo, Barbara meets with Iris and tells her they have a problem. She tells her that Alison is asking questions and is suspicious of the baby. Barbara tells her she has to get Cole and Sofie out of town now. Iris says well they were planning on going to Los Angeles after the baby is born so maybe she can get them to leave now. Iris calls Cole and she tells him they have to talk now.

Cole goes to Sofie after talking to Iris and tells her that he got a job offer out in L.A. but the only catch is that they have to leave tonight. She tells him they can’t afford to go to L.A. but he tells her his Mom is going to get the money for them to go. She asks him that since he has this new job offer making good money and the money from his Mother why can’t they just keep the baby. He tells her no way, that the last thing they need while trying to start a new life in L.A. is a baby.

Sofie goes to Aaron to say good bye. Aaron tries to talk her out of it but Sofie tells him she has to go, and he knows why. When she leaves Aaron tells Alison who thinks this is odd about Sofie and Cole leaving tonight so suddenly after she talked to Barbara earlier. She tells Aaron something isn’t right about this. She tells him if this is the same baby they need to find out right now.

Lily comes into a bar to meet Dusty and she walks up to him and kisses him. Dusty tells her maybe she shouldn’t have done that. She asks why not. He tells her they are not alone. He explains that Noah was there but when they look around for him he has gone. She tells him that it could have been worse. At least it wasn’t Luke that could have seen them. Dusty suggests if that would be a problem for her then maybe they shouldn’t be doing this at all.

When they leave the bar they run into Noah and Luke just outside and Luke tells her that his dad was there with him but he left him there to be with Noah. He bets that if his Dad had known she was there with her boyfriend he would have felt so much better about leaving him there. Lily finds herself having to defend herself to Luke. She tries to tell him that she didn’t start anything with Dusty til his Dad made it clear that their marriage was over. Luke doesn’t accept this and tells her if being with Dusty means so much to her then maybe she should just stay away from them.

Holden runs into Bonnie in the gym and they talk small talk about Basketball. He challenges her to a game and she tells him fine but don’t say she didn’t warn him. As they play they are laughing and Holden grabs hold of her as they are about to fall.

Jan Barrett

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