Katie tells Jack to go on and check his messages, she is sure it is killing him wondering what Carly wanted. He says he wasn’t even thinking of Carly. He wants a second chance with her. He asks her what about them, she says there is no them, and she is not so sure there ever was.

The man that hit Carly asks her who she was trying to call. He tells her she better not have been calling the cops or her little girl is going to be dead. Carly manages to get Brad’s number dialed and he hurries up and brings the phone to Jack. Brad tells him something is wrong. He can hear Carly begging someone to let her daughter go. Then they hear Sage’s voice in the background. Jack gets Katie to call the police station and have Carly’s phone traced. They find out she is in Old Town and the police tell him there is a hostage situation going on over there right now. Jack tells them to turn the sirens off and to keep all officers out of sight that he is on his way. He asks Brad to take Parker home and he takes off with Katie following him to go with him.

In Old Town Kit shows up and starts talking to the gunman trying to get him to let Sage and Carly go. Jack is there but he is staying hid but he sees Kit talking to them. Kit starts slapping the guy that is holding Sage giving Jack the chance to move in on them and pull Sage away. They get the guys and even though Jack wants to knock the one out that was holding onto Sage Carly stops him telling him the guy isn’t worth it. Jack thanks Kit for the help and she says it is ok, that it was the least she could do to make up for the last incident. Carly tells her as far as they are concerned the debt has been paid. She turns around and asks Jack isn’t that right but he is gone. He went out looking for Katie but she was gone. Later at the station Carly tries to talk Jack into giving Kit another chance especially now. Jack is totally against it even though she just saved their daughter’s life. Jack finally agrees to not say anything now if Carly wants to spend time with Kit but he warns Carly he still wants full custody of his kids.

Brad takes Katie back to work and she tells him she is fine. She says she needed to see Jack and Carly together again to remind her of the connection they have with each other. Brad tells her that he could kick himself for doing this but he tells her that Jack still loves her. She says not as much as he loves Carly and Brad tells her she is wrong.

Jack heads out to the TV station to talk to Katie. He asks Brad if he can have some time alone with Katie to talk. Brad tells him she is a little shook up right now. Katie tells him it is ok, she can talk to Jack. When Brad leaves Jack asks her now where were they when they were interrupted. She tells him he was being sweet and charming and making her fall in love with him all over again. She told him that seeing him and Carly together again only reminded her that he will always be a part of Carly’s life and she will always be an outsider. She says this has forced her to make a decision. He says well today when they were together they were having fun. She says she just can’t let herself feel that way again so from now on she can’t see him again, not anymore, then she walks out.

Paul is worried about Rosanna slipping back into her coma. Craig shows up at the hospital to warn Paul to stay away from his wife. He adds that the only reason Rosanna would slip back into that coma would be added stress. He asks Paul is that what he is doing to Rosanna. Paul asks him what about Meg, doesn’t he care about her and her health. Craig says Meg wants this family so he warns Paul again to stay away from his wife and then walks out.

Paul runs into Meg at the store when she is ordering junk food. Paul asks her if that kind of food is good for her and the baby. He tells her about seeing Craig at the hospital and tries to make her see how bad Craig is for her. Meg starts to leave when suddenly she starts having cramps and doubles over. Paul runs to her to try and help her. She claims she is ok and that she just forgot to eat this morning. When she starts to leave she doubles over again Paul takes her to the hospital.

A nurse at the hospital sees Craig assuming he is there for Meg. She tells him Meg is going to be ok. Craig asks what does she mean and she tells him that Meg is there seeing a doctor. Craig walks in just as Paul is about to leave telling Meg if she needs anything to let him know. Craig says he needs to know what he is doing there with his wife.

The doctor comes in and examines Meg. She is trying to convince herself that this is normal in the early stages of pregnancy. Then she prays that nothing is happening to this baby. The doctor tells her that the baby is just fine but from now on she is going to have to watch her eating habits and to avoid as much stress as possible. Craig comes in after she is examined and the doctor offers to let him hear the baby’s heartbeat.

Jan Barrett

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