Emily comes into her office and finds Casey there sleeping in the chair. He tells Emily he didn’t want to go home because he is still mad at his Mom and Dad for how they treated him. Margo comes in to apologize to Casey. She says she is so sorry and wants him to forgive her. Casey tells her he can’t forgive her. Later Emily tells him that his mother is gone but she thinks he was too hard on his Mother. Casey goes home and talks to Margo and tells her he is sorry for not accepting her apology. They agree for him to stay there for a few months until he can find his own apartment.

Lily overhears Holden talking to the girls. They ask him how he reacted to her being home. He hesitates on his answers to them. When they go upstairs to get ready for school she asks Holden to spend the day with her. He tells her he can’t because he has some errands to do this morning.

Brad and Katie wake up and she can’t get Janet off her mind. He begs her to get back in bed but she says they have to figure this out. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. Brad yells to go away. It is Janet at the door and she yells out for Bradley to open up because they need to talk. She brings in and tells Katie she got her donuts. Katie says she doesn’t do donuts. Janet tells Brad he is looking as good as ever and then she says she knew he wanted her to come by first thing this morning to talk about Liberty. Brad tells her to go down to the restaurant and he will meet her after he gets dressed.

Jack goes to Carly’s to pick up Parker and take him to school. Parker says he is not feeling so good and thinks maybe he is coming down with the flu. Jack checks him for a fever and says his temperature is normal. Parker says he is fine and then gets his books to go to school. Jack offers to take Carly with him so they can stop for a cup of coffee and talk about Parker. Just as they are about to leave Carly’s phone rings and it is Lily asking if she can come over and talk. Carly has to cancel with Jack and asks him for a rain check.

Liberty goes to Katie’s room and asks if she has seen her Mom yet. She asks Katie if she called her Mom there to come get her. Katie tells her no, they wouldn’t do that. She says she got up this morning and found her mother gone without telling her where she was going. Katie tells her she is downstairs with Brad. Liberty asks if she is alone with her Dad already.

Janet and Brad have breakfast and she is a fast talker. She starts crying when she starts talking about when she got pregnant. Brad can’t stand to see her crying so he tries to comfort her. She tells him her parents wanted her to give Liberty up for adoption. Brad asks how come she didn’t. She asks how could she. She said she knows she probably should have. She says she never got to go to college and she never had any money so she couldn’t give her the things she needed always but once she set her eyes on that beautiful baby she knew she had to keep her. She said she could never love anyone else after him.

Katie and Liberty go down to the restaurant only to find Janet trying to hold Brad’s hand. He jumps up and tells Katie he is happy to see her. They join them and they talk about when Liberty found out Brad was her Dad. Janet mentions their wedding on TV. She tells Katie she was checking out those good looking men there. She says weren’t they all her ex husbands. Katie and Brad say they have to go to work but Brad offers to show Janet around at the police station. When they walk out in the lobby Brad tells Katie that he thinks that went well. Katie just looks at him in that weird way and walks off with him following her asking what!

At the station they want Katie to start the show by kissing Brad. She says how come she can’t just punch him or kick him or something. The guy looks puzzled but says he will ask Kim and get back to her. Brad asks her why she is so mad. She says she is mad because he has to ask her why. She warns him that Janet is after him, plain and simple. Brad accuses her of being jealous but Katie says that is not the case here. Finally she gets him to admit he thinks Janet is into him but it doesn’t matter because he loves her and only her.

Lily goes to see Carly. She tells her she needs some help. Carly tells her that Holden loves her. Lily says but he wouldn’t even make love to her and she wants to know if he even wants her like that anymore. Carly tells her that Holden never talks to her about their sex life. Lily says she has to find some help somehow or she is going to lose Holden so Carly agrees to talk to them and see if she can help.

Carly makes sure she runs into Holden in Old Town and they have a cup of coffee together. Carly asks Holden what is wrong with him. She says while Lily was gone all she heard from him was that he missed Lily and wanted her back so now that she is back he won’t give her the chance to show she loves him. He says he is worried that if he gives her a chance that she will just fall for another guy again. Carly goes home and tells Lily that Holden wants them to be back together again but he needs some time. Lily tells her she needs to get Holden in bed with her and she needs Carly to help her get him there. Carly doesn’t want to but Lily begs her.

Jan Barrett

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