Lily is back and Lucinda brings her out to the farm and finds the girls there. Holden is gone and they say he went to a party at Metro. The girls thinks Lily should get all dressed up and go to the party and surprise Holden. They find the perfect dress after saying she needs to look like a princess so their Dad can be the prince to whisk her away. They find the dress they want and Lily gets all dressed up and goes to Metro to surprise Holden.

When she walks in at Metro she sees Holden dancing with Carly. He is happy to see her and Carly hands Lily her dance partner and leaves them alone. Lily tells Holden she realizes that to fix this problem they have she has to be with him not away from him. They go home and Lily wants to make love but Holden isn’t ready. Lily wants to know why he doesn’t want her anymore. He just isn’t ready so he tells her he is happy that she is back and he goes up to bed.

Brad and Katie get Liberty her own room at the Lakeview and leave her alone so they can go to the party at Metro. When they first walk out they hear glass breaking from the room and go back in only to find that Liberty had been jumping on the bed and she knocked over a lamp. Brad tells her that she is going to have to pay for it out of her allowance. Katie and Liberty both at the same time say ‘allowance’?

Meg and Mike are supposed to meet with someone for lunch but the man has to cancel. Meg says that is ashamed since they both got all dressed up and now have no where to go. Mike suggests that they go to Metro. He says Carly is opening it tonight and they are having a party. Meg is reluctant about going together thinking people might think that the two of them are together and tell Paul.

Barbara is working with Sofie to get Sofie’s mind off of Paul by letting her do some designs for her. She buys her a new dress for the party tonight at Metro to celebrate its new opening. When they get dressed they go to Metro. When they get there, Barbara tries matching up Sofie with one of the men there. Sofie asks for the powder room and she sees Meg walk in with Mike. She calls Paul and tells him that she is at Metro and so is Meg. Sofie tells him that he should come to the party and then says he can always say he didn’t know Meg was there.

When Liberty is all alone she calls Parker and invites him to come to her room. When he tells her he has plans to go to a friend’s house tonight she makes up a story about the doorman there trying to hit on her making him think maybe he should go check on her. When he gets there he tells her he saw the door man and he is an old man. Liberty admits she only made that up because she wanted some company.

Paul goes up to the bar about the same time as Meg does and he says hello to her. Mike gets mad and tells Paul that he told him what would happen if he went near Meg again. He calls Jack over and demands that he arrests him for violation of the restraining order but Meg stops it saying it is a public place where everyone has a right to be. Jack says since Meg has no problem with him being there then he will let it slide but he warns Paul to keep his distance. Sofie tries to make Paul think she didn’t know Meg was there with Mike when she called him. Paul asks Sofie to dance with him when he notices Meg watching him.

Katie and Brad leave the party early to try and continue with their honeymoon. When they get back to their room they figure before they get started they should check on Liberty. She gets rid of Parker and lets them in pretending to be ready for bed. They tuck her in and leave the room. When they go back to their room they start to undress and then someone knocks on the door. Katie sends Brad into the bathroom and answers the door. A woman asks for Bradley and Katie tells her this is the wrong room. She tells Katie that Bradley called her and left this room number so here she is. Katie says that Brad wouldn’t do that.

Brad comes out of the bathroom and when she sees Brad she screams out Bradley then pushes Katie aside and hugs Brad. He finally realizes who she is. Katie is surprised it is Janet. She wants to talk about Liberty but Katie tells her they were about to go to bed so they can talk tomorrow. Brad shows her to the door and asks her where she is staying. She hasn’t decided yet so they show her to Liberty’s room. When they leave her with Liberty, Janet jumps on the bed with her and they look very proud of themselves. Janet tells her that Bradley looks better in person than he does on TV.

Jan Barrett

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