Katie and Brad are having breakfast in their hotel room with Liberty. Brad says they are celebrating. Liberty lies to them saying she aced her test at school. Katie tells her she needs to get her shower so she can get ready for school.

Jack goes to Carly’s to see the kids off to school and Sage rats out on Parker telling Jack that he suddenly had a lot of money and when she asked him where he got it he told her to shut up. Parker tells her to shut up now too. Jack wants to know how he could afford to buy that game. Parker says he saved his money but Jack doesn’t believe him.

Paul is making himself a drink when Sofie walks in. She tries to get him to stop by asking him if he remembers the other night when they made love. She says she hasn’t heard from him since then and she didn’t think he was that kind of a guy. He tells her he is that kind of man. She tells him they need each other.

Meg meets with Mike at the Lakeview for breakfast where she runs into Barbara. She lets Barbara know about the restraining order on Paul. She thought Barbara knew but she didn’t. Barbara tells her that she will be there for her son, because she is his mother. Barbara goes to Fairwinds and just in time to see Sofie getting ready to raise her shirt to take it off. Sofie is embarrassed and runs out the room. Barbara yells at Paul telling him not to let this happen with Sofie again. When Paul leaves Barbara tries to talk to Sofie about her and Paul but Sofie won’t listen. She tells Barbara that she can make Paul happy if he will just let her. She says she won’t walk away from him when he needs her most.

Katie and Brad questions Liberty about the new pair of sunglasses that she dropped when she was leaving for school. She lies telling them she borrowed them from a new friend of hers. Then she lies again telling them that she is all cool now with the girls that she claims bullied her. When she leaves for school, Jack and Parker come in. Brad tells Jack Liberty is his daughter. Jack tells Parker to tell Brad and Katie how Liberty got that money. Katie says that explains the sunglasses. Brad calls the school telling them he needs to talk to his daughter. They tell him she has not showed up for classes at all since they enrolled her there.

Katie and Brad find Liberty in Old Town. She claims she had a free period but they tell her they know about her skipping school. She just says well so she is busted. Brad tells her she is going to go to school even if he has to escort her there every day. She says well about this school thing, if she is going to be going to school then she is going to need some incentives. Brad gives in to getting her own room at the hotel against Katie’s wishes. He makes a deal with her to stay out of trouble for the rest of the week. They get Liberty to school and go to work. Katie is still against the whole thing but Brad thinks this could work. She talks Brad into at least calling Liberty’s mother, Janet but he gets the voice mail again.

Mike talks Meg into dropping all the charges against Paul. Paul’s attorney calls Paul and asks him to come down to talk. When Paul gets there he isn’t happy but his attorney tells him all the charges have been dropped and he can thank Meg Snyder for that. Paul turns around and sees Mike standing there. Mike warns Paul that the restraining order on him to stay away from Meg still sticks. Mike says if he goes anywhere near Meg it is over for him. Sofie comes in at the police station and asks Paul to go out and celebrate about the charges being dropped. He tells her no. He says there is nothing between them and he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings but his life right now really sucks. He tells her to take care of herself. She tells him not to talk to her like a little girl. He tells her the best thing for her would be to stay far away from him and he walks away.

Lisa walks up to Barbara at the Lakeview and wants to know how she is doing. Barbara says she was doing fine until earlier. Barbara brings up Sofie and Lisa tells her how the girl just up and quit with notice. Lisa tells her not to worry about Paul’s problem. She says she doesn’t even care about any of that. She says she only cares about her. She says she is in for the fight of her life and she needs to take care of herself. She offers to go tomorrow and spend the day together and even get their nails done.

Meg goes home to the farm and sees Jack and Parker. When Parker goes upstairs Meg asks if he is ok Jack tells him yes but he had a little problem involving Brad’s daughter. Meg looks at him and Jack realizes she doesn’t know anything about Liberty so he fills her in on how Liberty showed up and they found out she is his daughter. Mike comes in and asks Meg if he can have a word with her. He tells her she doesn’t have to worry about Paul anymore.

Meanwhile Jack calls for Parker to hurry because he is late enough as it is. When they get to the school Jack tells him to have a good day. Parker asks if he is going to warn him to stay away from Liberty. He tells Parker how proud of him he is but he just wants him to keep an eye out for her and then he leaves. Liberty walks up and says hi to Parker. He asks her why she isn’t in class. He says don’t tell him she is skipping class again. She says well what they don’t know won’t hurt and she runs off.

Jan Barrett

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