Alison dresses up and meets Chris at the hospital and surprises him. He thought they were meeting later and she says she changed her mind. She says the truth is she was trying to protect him. She says she doesn’t know if he has noticed but a lot of people around there that likes to talk bad about her and she didn’t want it to reflect back to him. She says she realizes now that she isn’t going to let them scare her. She tells him what she wants is some good old fashion romancing. She asks him if he is up for the challenge.

Chris takes Alison to the Lakeview to eat dinner and when the waiter comes to take their order Alison flirts with Chris under the table with her foot while he tries to order. When it is her turn to order she looks at Chris and says suddenly she isn’t that hungry anymore and wants to know if he would mind if she just took some dessert up to his room. She looks at the waiter and cancels Chris’s order. They both get up and run for the elevator and the kiss once they get in. Once in bed they are about to make love when suddenly Alison stops him and says she can’t do this. She has a hard time explaining to him how she feels. She says it isn’t that she doesn’t want him, she just isn’t ready. Chris tells her it is ok, he says he doesn’t want to rush this either and he understands. They lie on the bed for a few minutes and then Alison gets dressed and says she has to go.

Noah is teaching Ameera how to make pancakes. The doorbell rings and it is Luke there saying he is so sorry for the things he said to him when he stormed out of there last time. He says he should have never moved in with him and Ameera. He vows to wait for Noah as long as this takes making Noah very happy. They hug just as Ameera walks in holding a plate of pancakes. She tells Luke that she hopes he knows he is always welcome there. The phone rings and Ameera says it is her phone so she will take it outside.

While she is outside Noah gets Luke on the sofa and they sit close when Ameera walks in and excuses herself to go into the bedroom. Luke and Noah follow her asking her what is wrong. She tells them that was the warden from the prison. Luke wants to know why he would be calling her. She tells Noah that he says his Father wants to see her. Noah says his father is a dangerous man and he doesn’t think she should go. He says he will go and see what his father wants from her. Luke says he will go too but Noah says no. Finally they agree that Noah will go and find out what he can but Luke makes him promise to not let his father tell him something to make him feel bad and them.

When Noah gets to the prison he tells his father to stay away from Ameera. The Colonel doesn’t know what Noah is talking about. He asks Noah what it is to him anyway. He asks how he knows anything about Ameera. Noah blurts out that he is married to Ameera. He shows his father his wedding ring saying she is his wife. His father asks him if this marriage is real or are they covering up something. Noah gets mad and starts yelling. The Colonel pushes Noah’s buttons causing him to grab his father. The Colonel warns Noah to stay out of this. He claims this is between him and Ameera. He tells the guard to take him back to his cell now.

Noah meets with Luke and Ameera at the diner. He tells them that he is worried now because he ended up letting it slip to his father that he and Ameera are married. He says the best thing they can do is stay away from his father. While Luke and Noah talk, Ameera goes outside and calls the prison to talk to The Colonel. He tells her he misses her and asks her if she is still his girl and wants to know if he can trust her. She tells him yes he can.

Margo questions Casey about the manuscripts she found in his back pack. Tom walks in and wants to know what is going on. Margo and Tom act as if they don’t believe him. Margo thinks he stole them. Tom steps in after Margo point blank tells Casey they don’t believe he didn’t do it. Tom tries to sort it all out but Casey says what’s the use in that, since his Mom has already pinned him as guilty. Margo tells him she doesn’t know what to think but ever since he got home from prison he has told them one lie after another. He swears he didn’t do this and claims someone must be setting him up. He tells Margo if she thinks he is so guilty why doesn’t he go on and arrest him. Tom says that is not going to happen but Margo says she could. Casey says he is going to find out who did this to him and then he runs out.

Casey goes to Java and finds Elwood and confronts him about the manuscripts. Elwood denies it and threatens to call the manager if he doesn’t leave him alone. Casey goes back to the Intruder and tells Emily about it. She doesn’t think he is guilty and then confesses to him that she called in a favor to one of her informants to find out about the missing manuscripts. She says hopefully the guy can find something that will clear his name.

Emily gets a call on a lead from a place that claims they got a call asking about the manuscripts. She and Casey head over there and Casey goes in to ask the man about it. When he gets in the man tells him he sounded different on the phone. Casey just tells the guy he was hoping they could talk about it. Before anything else is said Margo and Tom walk in and of course it looks like Casey is guilty.

When Margo is about to handcuff Casey he spots Elwood outside and runs out after him and tackles him. Margo and Tom pull Casey off of Elwood and Tom asks him what is going on here. Margo looks in the back pack and finds the rest of the manuscripts and wants to know what this is. Casey stands back and tells her he told her so.

Jan Barrett

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