Liberty waits for Parker outside the school and tells him she wants him to go with her to spend the money they made yesterday. She says it is burning a hole in her pocket. He tells her he can’t miss school but she talks him into skipping with her. They are in Old Town and Parker feels uncomfortable saying that his parents could see him there. She tells him well go back to his boring class. He starts to go but stops and tells her it isn’t that. He thinks they should just go somewhere else. She thinks they can just disguise themselves by putting sunglasses on and then she laughs.

Brad and Katie are trying to tape their show but Brad can’t concentrate so they call for a break. She thinks he is worried about the paternity tests results. He tells her he isn’t as worried about that as he is that if the tests show he is the father that he might end up losing her. Katie tells him that won’t happen. She tells him that he has been kind of a drag lately so she will be happy when they get those results. She tells him if Liberty is his daughter she is one lucky girl and then she kisses him.

Alison asks another nurse from her class to get some notes from her but she remarks sarcastically sure but why would she need her when she has her own personal tutor and then she walks off. Chris walks up with flowers for her and she tells him this has got to stop. She tells him to get this internship and chance to go to school means a lot to her and it is important for her to earn her degree on her own. She doesn’t want anyone to think she was sleeping with a doctor to get her way to the top.

Casey talks Emily into letting him go after a story even though his Mom says he can work there as long as it is just as an assistant and not a reporter. She told him about a story where someone stole some valuable Civil War documents from the University. Casey tells Emily he already knows about it and would like to be her on-campus contact. Later Emily goes to the police station to try and get a story from one of the police officers but Margo interrupts and sends the cop away. She and Emily argue over Emily being there and Margo brings up the fact that Emily use to be a prostitute and to her all prostitutes have mental problems.

Casey meets Elwood at Java and questions him about the documents. Finally Elwood agrees to check into it for him. Alison comes in and sees Casey there and when he leaves he knocks her books out of her hands leaving her to pick them up on her own. Aaron walks up and they start talking. He lets her know it is over between him and Sofie. She starts to say bad things about Sofie and Aaron defends her and says she shouldn’t talk like that about Sofie. Then the subject turns over to her going to nursing school and Chris’s name comes up and Aaron starts bad mouthing Chris. Alison tells him it is none of his business about what goes on between her and Chris. They argue over how he hates Chris. She asks him to leave. He says ok but he wants her to know one more thing. He wants her to be happy and then he walks away.

While Alison is sitting there studying Chris walks up and tells her he got the message but he only wanted to ask her if she will have dinner with him. She tells him she would love to.

Katie and Brad sneak off to their hotel room so they can make love. When they get home they start undressing really quick and when Brad lays her on the bed they hear a crunch. She asks what was that, it didn’t sound too good. She gets up and they pull the cover down only to find a bag of popcorn all over the bed. While cleaning it they notice that all the food in the refrigerator is gone. Katie asks how she can eat so much. Brad wants to know how she can expect them to keep buying all that she eats.

Brad’s phone rings and it is Susan telling him to come to the hospital, she has the DNA tests results in. She tells him to bring Katie and let her drive. When they get there he opens the letter with the results and reads them. He looks at Katie and tells her he is a father. When they hug he tells her and it is a girl. Susan says congratulations. Brad says thank you and asks her didn’t she see her, she is beautiful.

Susan leaves and Brad says he knew it, Liberty is just like him. Katie says she noticed that too. They decide they need to go find her and tell her about it. He wonders if he should go home and change first. Katie says he looks fine. He says he means go home and change into a grownup. Katie tells him to take her advice and not to think he has to change now. He says but he has to because he is a Dad now. Katie says yes he is but he is fine just like he is. They say they need to go find her now. They find Liberty with Parker and ask how come they are not in school this time of day. She makes up an excuse and then asks why they are there. Brad says they want to talk to her so they go to Al’s Diner. They tells her the news and she says she told them so, Brad says yes she did.

Casey goes back to the office and sees Emily but she doesn’t want to be a part of the story. He leaves and goes home but throws his back pack on the counter and goes upstairs. Elwood sneaks in after and slips the documents into Casey’s bag and leaves without being seen. When Margo comes home she finds the documents and wonder how they got there. Casey comes down and sees them asking what they are. He swears to Margo he didn’t take them. 

Jan Barrett

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