Meg tells Mike she realizes she is still in love with Paul. Mike is shocked and tells her he never thought their date would end like this. She says she knows Paul’s track record and she hasn’t forgotten it but she just wants Paul back in her life. Mike warns Meg that Sofie is crazy about Paul and she will do anything for him. Meg says she will prove him wrong and then Mike givers her his blessing telling her to go find Paul then. Meg says thanks and runs out the door.

Sofie is trying to get Paul to make love to her. She is begging him to want her as much as she wants him. When he tries to turn her down she grabs him and starts kissing him. He pushes her away and tells her to stop. He tells her she needs to get dressed and leave. She calls Paul a hypocrite since he kissed her. He tells her she kissed him. She tells him she can’t just stop loving him. He tells her he doesn’t love her. She says it is because of Meg. He says Meg use to love him and he knows she will again. He says they made love once before but it was just sex and it didn’t mean anything to him. Paul tells her to get dressed.

He puts a blanket around her and tries to explain to her how he loves Meg. Sofie tells him she doesn’t understand. She says all this was for him. She wanted him to see her in a different light. He says he just can’t be who she wants him to be. She tells him she will leave him alone under one condition. She says she wants him to make love to her one more time. He says he is not going to have sex with her again. She begs him. He says he just told her he is in love with someone else. She begs him not to be angry with her He tells her to get her clothes and get the hell out of his house. When she just stands there, he says fine if she won’t go then he will but he wants her gone when he gets back.

Paul goes out to the farm to look for Meg. Mike tells him that is funny because she just left to go look for him. Mike says he better hurry because she is probably almost at his house by now. Mike asks him if he has changed like Meg thinks he has. He says Meg has been hurt enough and then he walks out.

Meanwhile Meg goes to Fairwinds and finds Sofie on the floor and the place a mess.  When Sofie sees her she tells Meg it looks like she and Paul got carried away. She tries to make Meg believe that she and Paul are a couple now. She says they had sex. Meg tells her that didn’t mean anything to Paul though. Sofie says he only told her that so she didn’t get hurt. She tells Meg that they made love again tonight.

Meg leaves and goes back to the farm and finds Paul there. She tells him what Sofie told her. He swears to her that he did not have sex with her tonight. He says he made it very clear to her that he wants nothing to do with her. Meg tells him that judging from the way the place looked when she went to his house she would say that Sofie is obsessed with him. She tells him the place was a wreck and there was broken glass all over and her hands were cut.

They both go back to Paul’s house and he finds Sofie on the floor sleeping. He sees her hands full of blood. He wakes her up and she seems so happy to see him saying she knew he would come back for her. She looks up and sees Meg come in and wants to know what she is doing there. He tells her that Meg saw where her arms were cut and she was worried about her. Sofie is embarrassed and runs out the house.

Paul runs after her but can’t catch her so he returns to the house. Meg tells him she thinks Sofie just fell apart. She thinks she has been holding all this in and suddenly it exploded tonight. He says it probably didn’t help matters seeing them together. Meg says probably because she thought they were over a long time ago. He asks her are they still over. She tells him she loves him. Paul is surprised and they kiss. He tells her he loves her too and no one can ever get in their way again.

Liberty turns down a dinner invitation from Brad and Katie saying she is just going to hang out there. Before they leave Liberty gets a call from Janet asking her to join her for dinner. She lies and says she has plans with Katie and Brad for dinner already. Brad talks to her after telling her how much her mother really loves and cares for her. Liberty goes down to Al’s Diner and sees Janet talking to one of the customers. She leaves without saying anything and finds Parker outside. Janet goes out the Diner and sees Liberty. She asks her why she is there. She thought she was having dinner with her father. Liberty says she changed her plans. Janet asks her to join her then but Liberty lies again and says she and Parker have to work on a school project together so Janet leaves.

Brad and Katie are at the Lakeview on their date night. They are hoping that what Brad told Liberty got through to her. While sitting there with their drinks they notice when Janet comes in the bar and talking to man they don’t know. Brad is upset and tells Katie that Janet should be spending time with their daughter and not with strange men. He goes over to Janet and pulls her away and scolds her for being with a stranger. When they go home Katie says so much for date night. Brad explains that he worries about Janet but doesn’t know why. Meanwhile Janet goes back to her hotel room with the man she met for a drink who wants to show her to her door. When they get to the door he lets himself in and they end up fighting when he tries to kiss Janet.

Mike finds Sofie at the Lakeview and sees her all cut and bleeding. She is curled up and crying. He asks what happened to her. At first he can’t get a response from her but finally she looks at him and tells him she was just raped.

Jan Barrett

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