Luke and Noah are in New York looking for Ameera. Noah thanks Luke for coming with him to help. Noah still thinks his father took Ameera with him but Luke doesn’t know what to think. Noah gets a message from his father but is told he can’t get the message until he ditches his friend. Noah tries to get rid of Luke but he can’t. Noah talks Luke into letting him do this alone. He makes Noah promise to text message him at the first sign of trouble.

The Colonel checks Ameera’s pulse and then goes to fix a cup of tea for her. She opens her eyes and sees him putting something in the tea. When he brings it to her she pretends to still be sleeping. She tells him she is really sleepy. He feels her forehead and says she might be coming down with something and then tells her to drink her tea. When he turns his back she pours the tea out into a basket of clothes and pretends to be drinking it instead. Ameera leaves the room when the Colonel leaves her alone. She runs into Luke on the streets but tells him she doesn’t even know where she is. She tells Luke she has to find Noah. She tells him how the Colonel drugged her to get her there with him and how he knows that Noah is here.

When Noah finds the guy again he brings him to his father. He asks his father where Ameera is. He tells Noah that she is like a daughter to him and he plans on leaving the country and he is taking Ameera with him. He says it is a price he has to pay for his freedom. He knows Noah doesn’t understand. He tells Noah that the truth us, he is not man enough to stop him. The Colonel warns Noah to stay out of it and when Noah tries to stop him the Colonel punches him knocking his phone down. The colonel runs off. Noah finds Luke who in turn tells him that he didn’t know what to do so he told the cops and now Ameera is in police custody. Noah is worried about her now and they say they have to find her. Noah gets a call from the colonel demanding to know what he did with the girl. Noah tells him that she is safe away from him. He tells Noah he better hand Ameera over to him by tomorrow or he and his friend will die.

Alison spent the night at the farm and when she gets up she thanks Aaron for his help. She and he have breakfast and while standing in the kitchen talking, she is still just dressed in a t-shirt. Chris walks in and asks her when she was going to tell him. He asks to speak to Alison alone but Aaron refuses to leave. He wants to know why she is messing with his head like this. She insists that Aaron is just a friend but he never throws it in her face about her past. Chris tells Alison he helped her because he cared for her. She tells him to find another Charity case and he leaves.

Chris goes back to the hospital and he runs into Brenda who tells him that Alison’s work in the lab is really sub-par. Chris tells Brenda that she can do what she wants to do with Alison. Brenda asks him if he is telling her she should drop Alison from the program. He tells her that she is in charge of the nursing program so it is her call. He tells her Alison Stewart doesn’t deserve any special treatment which surprises Brenda.

Meg is in the locker room at the hospital upset when she finds her dress is gone that she was going to wear to the party. Mike comes in and takes her to a shop and buys her a new dress to wear to the party. She thanks him and he says it is his pleasure to be attending this party with the most beautiful woman in town.

Barbara sends Sofie up to her room where a hairdresser is waiting for her to do her makeup and hair. She is sitting there getting her hair done when she starts daydreaming that Paul is with her and she is asking him to help her get dressed. She comes back to reality when Paul actually walks in and catches her before she gets dressed. She tells him thank you for the dress. She says this is the most important night in her life and she has him to thank for it. He says not him but his mother. He says this is just a business investment to him, nothing more. As they are going out the door she trips but Paul catches her and then he says they need to go.

At the party Paul introduces Sofie to everyone and all at the party seem to be having a good time. Meg tells Mike when he has to go that she would like to stay a little longer and she can find her own way home so he leaves. Meg helps a worn out Barbara back up to her room telling her she needs to get some rest. When she starts to leave the room Paul comes in asking her if his Mom is ok. Meg says she is fine. She just over did it a little and needs to rest. He teases Meg asking her if this was a ploy to get him alone. Paul asks her would it be a bad idea if they kissed. She doesn’t answer but she appears to be waiting for him to kiss her so he does. He tells her that if she would only give him a chance she’d find out he is full of surprises. They return to the party only to find Sofie watching for them both to return. Paul tells Sofie to concentrate on her guests.

When Meg goes back to the farm Mike comes in. She surprises him when she tells him she realizes now that she is still in love with Paul. Later when Paul returns to Fairwinds Sofie shows up telling him she had to have the chance to show him how grateful she is for the dress. She stands in front of him and removes her dress. 

Jan Barrett

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