Holden is at the farm brushing the horse. Carly comes up and apologizes saying Sage is not coming. She says she is at home with a sore throat. She says she will let him get back to work but he stops her and asks her if she wants to help him give the horses a good work out. After riding a little while they decide to let the horses rest for a while. They sit on the ground under some trees and talk. Holden has some beef jerky in his pocket that he shares with Carly.

They are about to leave Holden notices that his horse has a problem with one of its legs so Carly offers to let him ride with her. After they ride a little while they let the horses rest again and when they start back up Holden decides to just walk along with his horse. When they get back Holden helps Carly down and they are close to each other making Holden and Carly both seem a little uncomfortable. She asks Holden what time would be good to bring Sage out there tomorrow if she can get her to come ride. Holden tells her he has some things to do tomorrow so he can’t. Carly says oh ok and then she leaves.

Meg goes to the Lakeview to see Barbara but the clerk tells her that Barbara isn’t there. She asks if he knows when she will be back and he says no but perhaps she can ask Mr. Ryan, motioning towards Paul who just walked in. After they talk Paul mentions the party tonight and invites Meg to go. She declines saying she doubts very seriously if Sofie would even want her there. Paul says Sofie will be so busy that she won’t even notice.

He jokes around and asks Meg if she is following him. He says he has been an idiot. He admits that he told Sofie that there is nothing between them and this was strictly business. Meg says that maybe on his part but she thinks it is more to it for Sofie. She says he is really a good guy when he wants to be. Paul tells her this is just a party and he wishes she would go. She says before she answers him she has to do something first and she walks away saying she will be right back.

When she gets back he asks her where she went but before she can answer Mike walks up and starts in on Paul about being around Meg. She stops him and says she was just about to tell Paul that she just called Margo and had the restraining order lifted. Mike tells Meg she shouldn’t have done that and tries to convince her to have it reinstated. Paul tells Mike he is trying to change and then invites him to the party too. Mike accepts the invite and Paul leaves. Mike wonders what Paul is up to and bets it is no good. They both agree to go to the party which makes Paul happy.

Barbara goes to see Sofie and sees the new pieces that Sofie put together. She tells Barbara that she decided to put a name on each piece and even Paul thinks it is a good idea. Barbara agrees with Paul and says the new pieces are very nice. Sofie asks her if Paul was still going to go to the party. Barbara tells her that he is at the Lakeview right now talking to the caterers but she warns Sofie that she better not even think for one minute that she will be spending time with Paul at the party. Sofie says there is nothing going on between her and Paul. Barbara tells her she hopes not. Sofie says it is strictly professional and that is all.

Later at the Lakeview Paul tells Barbara to add two more guests to the list. She asks who are they and he tells her Meg and Mike. When Paul and Sofie are alone she asks him how come he invited Meg and Mike. He tells her he has decided to let bygones be bygones. When they have a drink together Sofie tells Paul it was a very nice thing he did by inviting Meg to the party.

Alison gets her examwht results in and she finds out she passed. She calls Aaron and thanks him for getting Meg to help him with her studies. She tells him she couldn’t have done it without them. Chris walks in and congratulates her for passing. They go to Java to celebrate with some non alcoholic drinks. Alison challenges Chris to a game of darts. Some guys in the bar suggest that they really make it a challenge by doing it blindfolded. Alison misses the dart board completely and keep challenging him when she keeps losing. She throws a dart and ends up putting it into Chris’s arm instead of the dart board.

They go back to Chris’s place to clean his arm up. They end up kissing and in bed together starting to make love when Alison stops. She pulls away and says she doesn’t know what is wrong with her. Chris asks her what her problem is. She can’t explain why she keeps doing this but Chris doesn’t believe her. He brings up her porn movies and it upsets Alison so much that she runs out the room crying. 

Alison goes out to the farm to see Aaron and she has been crying. She tells him about what happened with Chris. Aaron says when she says no, Chris needs to respect it. She says it wasn’t Chris’s fault. She says he just got so angry and said some terrible things. She says he asks her if she could do it with a complete stranger in front of a camera but she can’t be with him. Aaron said he shouldn’t have said that to her.

Jan Barrett

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