Margo and Lisa are waiting on Lisa to come in and talk to them about Casey. Margo is nervous but Tom tells her to calm down till they find out what the problem is. When Lisa comes in she tells them that Casey stole from her again. She says it wasn’t very much.  She says he paid her back. Margo is surprised then she asks Tom if he got the money from him. Tom says no so Margo goes to look in her purse to see if he stole it from her but Lisa stops her. She tells her that Casey got the money from Emily. Tom tells Margo he is sorry she has to go through this again with Casey but he is their son.

Casey comes in and can tell by the look in his parents faces that they know what he did. Margo asks Lisa to give them some time with Casey so she apologizes again and leaves. Tom tells Casey that he better not try apologizing because that won’t work. Casey explains to them what happened. Margo asks him why she shouldn’t just arrest him for this. Casey tells her to go on and arrest him then. Margo says she is not going to arrest him but she says here is the deal. She says he is going to go back to college. He tells her she can’t make him do that. She says oh yes she can, just watch her. Casey says she can’t make him got back to college by force. She says she can and if he messes up one more time she will arrest him.

Casey says he won’t be blackmailed and runs out the door. He goes back to the Intruder and tells Emily what his parents are trying to make him do. He says he won’t go back to school and he won’t end their relationship just because of his parents. Emily reminds him that they do not have a relationship and what they had was just sex.

Tom and Margo are talking and she asks him how they are going to get through this. Tom tells her he doesn’t know if this will make any difference but he honestly thinks this time that their son is telling them the truth. Casey is hurt so he returns home and tells his Mother that he will sign up for the Fall registration. Margo asks him what made him change his mind. He says Emily did.

Margo goes to the Intruder and thanks Emily for helping to convince Casey to go along with what they want him to do, which is to go back to school. When Margo starts to leave Emily stops her. She tells her she did the right thing by insisting that Casey does this. Emily asks her if she was really going to send him back to jail. She says Casey took the deal because he loves her and Tom not because he was afraid of what they would do to him.

Lily and the girls are at home when the lights go out. When she sees she can’t fix it to get the lights back on she has no choice but to call Holden for help. She tells him she wouldn’t have called but she was worried because without electricity the security system isn’t working either. Holden goes over to help her and tells her he will get it working for her. He gets the back up generator working and Lily says she will call the electrician in the morning. Holden offers to take the girls to dinner. When they leave Lucinda comes in and says she just saw Holden leaving with the girls and she wants to know if he is taking them back to the farm. Lily says no, they were just going to dinner. Lucinda thinks Lily was crazy to leave Holden at the farm like this.

Carly calls Parker down to see what he wants for dinner. He says he sort of has plans with a friend. Carly wants to know who with and starts naming off his friends. Sage tells her that it is obvious that Parker has plans with a girl. He plans to go out with a girl names Ashley. Carly says he can’t go with her until she talks to the girl’s parents and makes sure it is all ok. Parker is embarrassed and tells her she shouldn’t have to do this. He calls Ashley just to make his mother happy.

Carly and Sage take Parker to Old Town and Carly teases him about his date saying she was hoping she could talk to his date and show her some of his baby pictures. They laugh but Carly and Sage leave him alone to go to Al’s Diner for dinner. Before Parker can go off Liberty comes up to him and trips him and tells him that was for telling her parents about her being with Dylan. He denies telling her parents about it. She says it was insane and then she tells him she bets he never even made out with a girl before.

When Carly and Sage go in the diner she sees Holden there with his daughter’s. The girls beg to have a table of their own. Carly offers to sit with the girls but Holden says she can join him if she would like to. Carly can see that the girls are talking about going away to camp when she notices that Sage isn’t so excited like the others are. She says Sage is upset about riding horses. Holden offers to give Sage riding lessons. Sage gets excited and accepts his offer. They all return to Carly’s house so the girls can spend time together. Holden apologizes to Carly for all that happened between them before. They share a beer together afterwards and talk outside. Holden gives Carly his jacket since she is chilled. He leaves with the girls after a while and when Carly is cleaning up she realizes she still has Holden’s jacket on. She rubs it and then just cuddles with it.

Parker and Ashley go to the movies and Liberty follows them. She sits a few seats behind them and starts throwing popcorn at them being a pest. When Ashley asks him who she is, he tells her she is a pest and to just ignore her. When he tries to put his arm around Ashley, Liberty slurps some of her drink and makes Parker knock popcorn all over Ashley. When they leave the theater Liberty follows them back into Old Town, making Parker really uncomfortable. When Ashley’s mother picks her up Liberty teases Parker about his date. Then she tells him she forgives him for ratting on her but he still says he didn’t tell them anything. He tells Liberty to just go away.

Holden brings the girls home to Lily’s house. She invites Holden in for coffee but he declines the offer saying he needs to get home. He tells her how he ran into Carly and how he took the girls over to her house after they had dinner. When he leaves Lily just watches him as he walks away.

Jan Barrett

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