Meg comes to the hospital and talks to Bob. He tells her that apparently she has some friends in very high places. She says she doesn’t know anything about this. He says he has given this a great deal of thought and he has decided that since there is such a great shortage on nurses right now that he thinks it would be great to give her the job back there at the hospital. Meg tells him she would love to come back to work. He tells her she will be on 6 months probation and she says she understands.

Aaron finds Alison at the Java’s and asks her what is wrong. She says nothing but it is personal. She asks him if she can ask him something. She asks him if he thinks she is crazy. He tells her yes but in a good way. She says she isn’t kidding, and then she says great then he must thinks she needs to be put in a padded cell too. Aaron says ok, he knows he didn’t do anything to her so who did. She tells him Chris told her she needs a shrink. Just then her phone rings and she sees it is Chris calling. She says great timing. She starts gathering her books together and Aaron asks her if she is going to answer it. She tells him he can answer it if he wants to but she isn’t. Alison tells Aaron she is worried that she won’t pass her exams.

Meg comes in and Aaron asks her if she will tutor Alison. Meg tells them about her getting her job back at the hospital but she would be happy to accept this one too. Alison goes to the hospital and talks to Chris. She apologizes to him and tells him she understand why he said what he said to her. He offers to still help her with the tutoring but she says she has her studies covered.

Paul is taking care of Barbara. He tells her he wants to get Meg back but he doesn’t want to use her to get her back. Sofie calls Barbara and asks when she will be back in town. Barbara lies to her telling her she has meetings and then hangs up. Barbara tells Paul that Sofie is a like a train wreck and she isn’t producing enough pieces of her jewelry. Barbara says that maybe she should cancel the show she has planned for it. Paul tells her not to. He tells her he will help Sofie but promises to keep her mind on the jewelry and not him.

When Casey brings papers in to Emily he can’t seem to resist hitting on her which makes her uncomfortable. She changes the subject by handing him his paycheck. He tells her it isn’t enough. They start talking and he explains to her about how he stole the money from the Lakeview and how it got the other guy working there fired when they thought he was the one that took the money. He wants to make things right with Lisa and the bartender. Emily offers to give him the money and he can pay back the money. He says he can’t take her charity. She tells him it is just a loan and she will take a little out of his pay checks to pay it back but there is one condition and that is that he tells Lisa the truth. Casey doesn’t want to but Emily talks him into it.

Paul goes to see Sofie and tells her he likes the necklace that she has come up with. She doesn’t have a name for it yet but she says it would help if she was wearing the necklace to find a name for it. She turns around for Paul to put it on her neck for her as he calls it Midnight Fantasy. She tries to get closer to him but he keeps his distance and keeps the subject on the jewelry. Later she is alone and she looks in the mirror and imagines Paul being there with her caressing her neck. She says this one is called Awakening as she turns and kisses Paul. Then she turns around and realizes she was only fantasizing.

Meg goes to see Barbara and lets her know that Bob gave her the nursing job back. She is worried about Barbara for not eating and she says she wants to check her temperature. She tells her that her temperature is a little high but not dangerously. She thinks she needs to sleep. Barbara starts to argue with her but Meg won’t listen. She helps get Barbara to bed and tells her not to think for one minute that she can get up once she is gone because she isn’t leaving right now.

Meg goes to sleep on the sofa. Paul comes in and sits next to Meg on the sofa. She wakes up and asks him what he is doing there. Paul offers to take Meg back to the farm while Barbara sleeps and she agrees. Once they get there he thanks her for taking care of his mother and not turning away from her because of him. She mentions the patient she lost and he tells her she has to stop blaming herself for that because she is a good person and then he leaves her. When she goes inside she sees Alison and Aaron there waiting for her. She tells them they can get started as soon as she changes clothes. When she is gone Alison thanks Aaron and then she tells him it is because of him that she has got her self confidence back.

Casey goes to see Lisa. He hands her an envelope with money in it and Lisa wants to know what this is about. He explains it to her about why he is giving her the money. He says he just wanted to make it right. Lisa tells him it is not quite that simple. She tells him it just isn’t his taking the money but another man was hurt in this too. She asks him if he has told his parents about this. He says he can’t tell him Mother or she will have him sent back to prison. Lisa tells him she really needs to think about this one.

Later Casey goes back to the Intruder and Emily asks him how it went. He tells her that he could be in big trouble. Meanwhile Lisa sits and thinks about the money and she wrestles with her thoughts. Finally she picks up the phone and calls Tom. She tells him that she needs to talk to him and it is about Casey.

Jan Barrett

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