Lily tells the girls when they come downstairs that she has breakfast all ready but they have plans to go with a friend for breakfast at Al’s Diner. When Holden comes in she tells him she hopes he is hungry. She says she has enough food there for an army. Holden tells her she looks like she is trying to make up for last night at the dance but then he tells her not to. He tells Lily that Faith can’t forgive her for last night until she is ready. Lily says she just can’t take living like this anymore. Holden tells her he just wants to take it slow and that he needs more time. When he walks out she asks herself just how long can they stay apart like this without losing each other too.

Luke is talking to Noah on the phone who has decided to go look for Ameera. Luke says he could have waited for him but Noah is too worried about Ameera. Meanwhile Ameera is with the Colonel. He asks her if she has fond memories of him from when she was a kid. She tells him she remembers he was like a father to her. He brings her a cup of tea and she tells him that he doesn’t have to wait on her. He tells her he brought her there so this is the least he can do. She drinks the tea and starts feeling sleepy and falls asleep on the bed. The Colonel leaves but when he comes back he checks Ameera’s pulse and as soon as he turns around Ameera’s eyes open.

Luke meets with a state contact to fill him in on what is going on with Noah and Ameera. The man doesn’t think an escaped convict would kidnap someone. He asks him about the New York number and the guy says that nothing has turned up. Luke calls Noah and tells him there is nothing new but he tells him he is in danger and he should come home. Just then the phone goes dead and he loses contact with Noah. Luke heads to New York and finds Noah.

The colonel calls the state contact that Luke talked to and tells him. He tells this man that he has the girl now so he wants them to come through with their deal. The guy asks him how come he didn’t tell him that his son was in New York City too. The colonel says he didn’t know Noah was there.

Carly goes to see Jack at the police station. Jack tells her he doesn’t want to fight with her about last night. She tells him to just shut up and listen to her. She hands him pictures of the kids. When Jack sees Parker smiling in the picture he says how sorry he is about last night. Carly tells him that these kids are reason enough that she need to keep peace between them.

Katie and Brad are having breakfast when Liberty comes in. When she sits down to breakfast with them she announces to them that she has made a decision to move in with them which chokes Brad. Katie tells her that they want her there and after all her room is just sitting there. Liberty says her mother doesn’t force her to go to school and she gets her to wear too much makeup and doesn’t set a good example for her. Katie asks her if she and her Mom had a fight or something to make her decide to move there with them. Janet comes over and tells Liberty she is there to take her home. Liberty tells her she has decided to move in with Katie and her Dad.

Carly goes to the farm to see Lily and asks her how she is doing. Lily tells her she can’t believe she acted like that last night. Lily asks Carly how she manages to get through it with Jack leaving her. Carly tells her she doesn’t want to go there but Lily wants to know. She asks Lily if she would be prepared to live without Holden and mean it. She thinks living under the same roof won’t work. Lily hesitates but then decides maybe Carly is right. She wonders if she should take the kids and move out without Holden.

When Holden comes back in he asks if she is feeling better. He says maybe talking to Carly helped her. She looks at him and tells him she is taking the kids and moving back to their home without him. She says she wants to focus on becoming a better mother to their kids. He says they need their father too. Lily tells him well he should be happy because this will give him the time and space that he keeps telling her he needs. When the girls come home Lily tells them they are moving back home but their father won’t be going with them for now. She tells them they need to get packed and the leave Holden there wondering what is next. He goes to see Carly. When she opens the door he asks her,
”What the hell have you done to my family?” She tells him that Lily asked her for her opinion and she gave it to her.

Henry has decided to hire someone to help at the Diner so Vienna has more spare time. He puts a sign in the window saying help wanted. Later Janet pops in and asks about the job. Vienna takes one look at her and asks her what kind of experience she has. Vienna doesn’t find much humor in Janet’s response though. Then Vienna is impressed with the way she talks so she hires her. Jack is in the diner and he over hears her say her name is Janet. He introduces himself to Janet saying he is Liberty’s uncle. When Vienna realizes who she is she fires her. Vienna tells her Liberty’s Dad is married to her good friend. Janet goes over to Jack and blames him for getting her fired.

Janet goes to talk to Brad and tells him about what happened. She tells him Vienna fired her before she could even wait on one table just because of who she is. He tells her that he can handle Vienna. Brad talks to Henry and asks him to get Vienna to give Janet the job back saying Katie thinks she needs it to help pay her way there. Henry gets Vienna to hire Janet back.      

Meanwhile Jack goes to Katie and Brad’s house and he explains to Katie about his run in with Janet. Katie is interested to hear what happened. Later Brad tells Katie that he got Janet a job and Katie throws a fit with him.
Jan Barrett

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