Brad and Katie check out Liberty’s dress for the dance tonight. Brad thinks she has too much make up on. Katie tells Brad they need to go. Janet says she thought they were taking Liberty to the dance. Liberty says she isn’t a child so she doesn’t need them to take her. She says Brad and Katie have a date night anyway so they leave. Out in the hall Brad is nervous about leaving Liberty. Katie tells him that Janet looked after her all these years so she is sure she can handle one more night. Brad says but who is going to look after Janet. Katie says she doesn’t care as long as it isn’t him.

Lily comes downstairs and finds flowers for her from Holden. She smiles and kisses him for them but when he doesn’t give her the response she wants she backs off saying she will get water for the flowers. He tells Lily her dress is nice and she reaches over to him and fixes his collar. When he pulls away she tells him she feels like she is the only one trying here. Faith comes down and Holden offers to go get his camera. When he is gone Faith tells Lily she has a stomach ache and isn’t going. Lily tells her she knows that isn’t true and she finally figures out it is because of her and her Dad. Lily tells Faith that they want to get back together but it takes time. She agrees to go to the dance and actually smiles for once. Holden says it is a good thing he has the camera now.

Carly tells JJ to change his shoes. Jack walks in just as JJ is giving her a hard time about it. Jack sends him off to change his shoes just as Parker comes down. JJ teases him about the smell. Carly says it is cologne. Jack tells Carly about Parker lying to them the night he spent with Liberty instead. They start arguing over the kids and who is responsible.  Parker comes in and tells them they can’t even be together for 5 minutes and they are fighting already. When they leave Carly tells Jack she is taking her car too. He asks why. She says since they aren’t married one of them might want to leave before the other does. He says fine he isn’t going to fight with her on it and he walks out.

Janet tries giving Libby some pointers for the dance. She breaks away and sees a guy going to the dance too. He tells her that her mom is hot. She tells him she has never seen that woman before and then they leave Janet alone. The party for the dance is inside Al’s Diner and Henry and Vienna are ready for it. Henry tells Vienna he is seeing Grey’s attorney tonight to see about getting money from his estate since he did what he did to them. He thinks Grey owes him. Vienna tells him she doesn’t need his money but Henry wants to get her out of the diner business and in glamour where she belongs.

Henry leaves to go to the Lakeview where he finds Bonnie. He finds out she is the one taking over for Grey’s estate. She tells him that he can’t get any of the money. She says if Grey would be alive he would have a case against him but he can’t get money from his estate unless he was a family member. Back at the diner Henry tells Vienna that he met with the attorney and was told that he won’t be getting any money. Vienna says she didn’t want the money anyway. When Henry mentions that the attorney he met with was Bonnie Vienna changed her tune. She grabs her purse and says she will get him that money and she leaves. She finds Bonnie at the bar at the Lakeview and she calls her a sleaze ball lawyer and then tells her she should find a way to get Henry some of that money and then she walks off. Bonnie phones the attorney and ends up getting fired when she tries to help Henry get a share of the estate.

Parker asks a girl at the dance if she seen Liberty. She tells him she saw her outside with another guy. Parker daydreams about going up to Liberty and them kissing. Suddenly he comes back to reality only to witness Liberty kissing another guy. She asks him if he hasn’t ever seen someone making out before. He doesn’t say anything, he just walks off.

Katie and Brad are in the theater watching a movie when Janet shows up and sees them. She just invites herself to sit with them and even eats some of Brad’s popcorn. Katie tells Brad to come outside with her so they leave Janet sitting there with the popcorn. Katie wants to go somewhere else away from Janet. Brad suggests they go skinny dipping in the pond and when they walk off to leave they run into Parker. Brad asks him about Liberty and figures out that she must be with a guy. They go back to the theater looking for Janet but can’t find her so he decides to take care of this himself.

Lily says the boys at the dance don’t seem to want to dance with the girls. She suggests that maybe if they dance together it would start the kids but Holden doesn’t want to. Lily makes a scene. Lily walks away and tells Carly she feels like punching someone. Carly tells her to calm down and then Lily turns on her for defending Holden. Holden walks up and tells Lily she is out of control. She yells at Holden and asks him if he is her husband because if he is to act like it. She asks him if she is his wife or what. Holden doesn’t respond, but he just walks out. Carly runs after him but Jack tries to stop her telling her to stay out of it. She tells him he can’t tell her what to do anymore and she was going to help her friends.

Katie and Brad find Janet at the hotel room and they go looking for Liberty. They find her alone and she tells them she is ok. Brad and Katie leave after they are sure she is ok. When they are gone Janet slaps Liberty across the face. Janet sees the hickey on her neck and asks her if she wants to be 16 and pregnant like she was herself at 16. Liberty tells her she thought she was on her side. Janet tells her she is on her side. She just doesn’t want to see her make the same mistakes as she did. Liberty looks at her and tells her that this is why she wanted to leave her to begin with. She goes and finds Katie and Brad and asks them if she can go home with them.

At the farm Faith asks Lily what happened to her at the dance. Lily tells her that she just wants things back to normal so bad that she gets frustrated easily. She apologizes to her for losing her temper in front of the other kids. When Faith leaves to go to bed Holden comes home. Lily tells him she is so sorry and he goes over to her and hugs her.

Carly goes home and Jack is there waiting for her. She asks if the kids are all in bed and he says yes. He apologizes to her and says he will never bully her like that again. She says she is tired and she knows he won’t bully her again as she opens the door for him to leave.

Jan Barrett

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