The police are at Noah’s door informing him that his father has escaped from prison this morning. They tell the police that Noah’s wife Ameera has disappeared too. Noah seems to think that perhaps she has been kidnapped. The officer asks how long his wife has been missing. He tells him that since this morning but she knew his father before she came here from Iraq. The officer says that could help so he agrees to put out an APB for her. Luke mentions the letter and the officer wants to know what letter. The officer leaves after telling them that they will be watching the house.

Luke is mad that Noah didn’t show the cops the letter from Ameera saying she is leaving him. Noah doesn’t understand how Luke could not think that Ameera was a victim as well especially since he knows what kind of man his father really is capable of. While standing in the room Noah happens to spot Ameera’s cell phone. He says she must have forgotten it. They go through the phone looking at numbers on it when they find a number from New York. Luke traces the number on his computer and they narrow it down as a number in Brooklyn. Noah says he wants to go to New York and find out who the number is for. Luke leaves and Ameera calls Noah telling him not to worry about her. He asks her if his father is with her but she hangs up. He calls the airport and books a flight out to New York.

Alison is tired of studying when Chris comes in. He offers to help her if they go somewhere privately. She says ok but suggests they leave separately. When Alison gets to Chris’s room, he pretends to be a secret service man wanting to know if she was followed. She wants to get started immediately. As they go over the bones and rib cages he reaches for her ribs and as he touches them he asks her what they are. Alison jumps up and starts gathering her books and says maybe she shouldn’t have come here. He asks her what is wrong.

Barbara is in Old Town and she sees Lisa. She claims she has just been working too hard trying to help Sofie get her jewelry line started. Lisa says when they are ready she will be happy to put them on display in her shop for them. Later Barbara almost collapses and Meg catches her. Meg tries to get her to go get checked out at the hospital but Barbara says she will be fine. She uses the excuse that she is just tired. She asks Meg to help her get home back at Lakeview.

Later at the Lakeview in Barbara’s room Meg tells her she needs someone around her fulltime to take care of her. Barbara tells her that she has Sofie but Meg says she isn’t a nurse or doctor. Barbara says she doesn’t want a total stranger around her and her family. She asks Meg if she could take the job. Meg asks why she would want her for the job since they don’t even like each other. Meg accuses her of offering her the job just to get her back with Paul. When Barbara denies it Meg asks her if she can give her, her word that Paul didn’t put her up to this.

Meg agrees to take the job but they agree if she doesn’t want anyone to know how sick she is, then she will need to find an excuse why she won’t be around for a few days. Barbara calls Sofie who is with Paul but Barbara doesn’t know it. She tells Sofie she has to fly to New York on last minute notice and she will call her later. Sofie tells Paul his mother is going to New York. He leaves Sofie and tries calling Barbara when she finds out it is him she tells him she can’t talk now they are about to take off and says she will call him when they land. Meg says ok she promises to come back and check on her in a little while.

When she starts to leave Paul is standing at the door and wants to know which one of them will be explaining to him what is going on there. Meg just tells him she ran into Barbara in Old Town and she helped her home. She leaves and Paul turns to Barbara and asks her how sick is she. Barbara tells her she hired Meg to help take care of her. He says she hates Meg so why would she do that. She tells him she did it for him.

Emily and Casey make love on the floor in her office at the Intruder. She tells him makeup sex is so unbelievable. They kiss when suddenly they hear Tom knocking on her office door telling her he knows she is in there asking her to open the door. She hurries and gets dressed and shoves Casey under her desk. She opens the door and asks Tom if he ever heard of calling first. He asks her about locking her door. She says now that she doesn’t have an assistant she locks it more. Tom sits and they talk about Daniel.

Casey starts kissing her on her leg and it makes her squirm yet she tries to hide it from Tom. Once they are done Emily tells Tom she has a lot to do. The subject turns back to Casey when Emily tells Tom she would consider giving Casey his job back if he were interested. Tom tells her that he and Margo are concerned about Casey since he didn’t come home last night. Emily says she is sure Casey can take care of himself.

Tom says he has to go but before he goes he asks Emily if she is aware that Daniel worships her and wants her approval for everything he does. Then he leaves the office. Casey jumps up into her chair and tells her this is so cool. She shuts her door and tells him this has to stop. She tells him if his father found out she slept with him he would take her son away from her. She says her son Daniel is the only thing in her life that is right so she can’t let that happen.

Paul calls Meg and asks her not to hang up. He is standing right outside. He tells her he doesn’t want to violate the restraining order but he wanted her to know that he talked to his mother. He tells her his mother does want to see them get back together. He tells her he appreciates her help but he can’t support something so underhanded so he will hire another nurse for Barbara so it won’t be so awkward for her. He thanks her for her offer to help and then tells her to take care of herself. She looks at him through the window and has tears in her eyes but doesn’t say anything.

Jan Barrett

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