Katie says good morning to Brad and wants to know where Liberty is. He says she is in the bathroom getting ready for her first day at school. They start kissing and Katie stops him saying Liberty might walk in. Brad says so what. They start kissing again when Liberty comes out the bathroom and sees them. When they see her Brad throws a fit at how she is dressed. He says he can’t believe that Katie bought that for her. He says she is not going to school dressed like that. She says that is cool since she didn’t want to go to school anyway. He stops her saying yes she is going to school but just not dressed like that. Katie says she bought that shirt but she didn’t expect her to wear it like that. Katie tells Brad to take Liberty over to Al’s and get her breakfast there while she showers.

When they get to Al’s they see Parker there and Brad asks Parker if he would do him a favor and keep an eye out for Liberty for him. Parker doesn’t like it but he says ok anyway. Henry joins Brad at the table and wants to know who that young girl is that he bought breakfast for Henry tells him Katie is his best friend so he wants to know if he is cheating on Katie already. Brad tells him that they don’t know for sure yet but she just might be his daughter. Henry’s advice to Brad on parenthood is to lock her away til she is about 40

Liberty is followed by a group of boys that dare her to jump in the water. They each bet her $20 that she won’t do it. She tells them to let Parker hold the money. Parker tries to talk to her out of it but before he can she jumps in. She talks Parker into taking half the money since he was the one that talked the boys into upping the ante. When they walk in Old Town they spot Brad and Katie but not before Brad sees them too. Brad wants to know why she is all wet and not in school.

Liberty thinks fast and makes up a story about some girls ganging up on her and pushed her into the water. Brad wants to take her to the school and find out who these girls are but Liberty says that would not be so cool if she shows back up with her Dad. Katie says she is right. Brad looks at Parker and asks him if that is true. Parker says yes. He asks Parker to make sure Liberty gets back to the Lakeview OK since they have to go to work. Parker takes her back to the room but doesn’t want to stay even though she asks him to. He tells her not to try pulling her lies with him because he knows better. At WOAK Brad rushes through the taping because he wants to get back with Liberty to make sure she is ok. Katie thinks that is fine She tells him that is why he will make a perfect father.

Carly goes to the farm and tells Jack that she knows he has been paying all her bills for her and from now on she wants to pay half of them. He says he doesn’t mind paying them. She says she thinks it is only fair that she pays her share. He finally agrees and says ok. She asks him how much does she owe him for this month, she has her check book to pay him right now. He gets a folder with all the bills in it and says let’s see, ahh ok here it is. This month’s bills come up to a little over $4000 so they can just make her half an even $2000. Carly looks at him and says wow that much huh. She says she doesn’t have that much now but as soon as Metro gets going she will be able to pay him.

Holden goes to Metro just in time to help Carly fix a loose pipe under the sink that has leaked water all over the floor. While they are working on the pipe they burst completely spraying water all over the two of them soaking them. Holden tells her she should call in a professional plumber. When they get the pipes under control they sit down and Holden ask Carly what does she think he should do about Lily after he tells her about the phone call saying Lily won’t be coming home last night. Carly tells him to be patient because Lily loves him and the kids a lot.

While they are talking they laugh and are having a good time when Jack walks in. After Holden leaves Jack tells Carly he really hopes Metro is a success for her. She invites him to come to the opening, saying she could really use his support. She asks Jack if he will look at the pipes to make sure they are going to hold. He fixes her problem and then says he has to go to work. When he is gone Carly calls Holden and thanks him for all his help.

Jan Barrett

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